Thursday, September 3, 2009


I had a cousin "Marianna" who passed away a couple of summers ago in the Philadelphia area. She was an accomplished artist particularly with water color paintings. In her obituary it mentioned that she was a descendant of Peregrine White.

Peregrine White was the first baby born to the Pilgrims in Provincetown harbor on November 20,1620. "Peregrine" means "one who journeys to foreign lands" or "pilgrim". Marianna's father John and my Dad were brothers so if this obituary reference to Peregrine White is true then I too am related to the first English baby born in the New World.

From time to time some of my relatives gather together and climb "White Mountain" in Vermont to the site of some of my ancestors. I do remember that in my past genealogical lineage that someone told me that there was a "Grandpa White" and also a "Grandpa Brown".

"Peregrine" is also a type of falcon bird. I do reside on Cape Cod and have done so since 1976. I wonder if "Peregrine White" is in fact one of my "falcon relatives."