Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Kinda Like Revenge of the Ants"

Las Vegas hotel 'death ray' leaves guests with severe burns Mail Online Interesting article about the new "Vdara" Hotel in Las Vegas that apparently produces roving "death rays" due to the shape of the windows and the strong Sun. In the pool area there is a band of extreme Sun rays that follows the Sun throughout the day. There is no confirmation that this building was designed by a group of super intelligent ant architects out to exact revenge on all the humans, particularly pre-teen boys who used to use a magnifying glass to fry ants on a hot sunny Summer day. It is a fact though that there are many ants in Las Vegas as well as quite a bit of the rest of the land on earth and ants are known to construct elaborate tunnels. Compared with "ant farms" and other ant colonies; designing a hotel shouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus, compared with humans ants for their size have "super human strength" as they can lift objects many times their size and weight.

Somewhere out there maybe colonies of ants are rejoicing as the "ants strike back".

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Cold Beer"

I'm psyched! I just went to the local liquor store here on Cape Cod and saw that they had some bottles of "Coors" Banquet Style beer available for sale. I remember during the 1970's when I was in high school and college you couldn't get "Coors" beer East of the Mississippi River. There were always a few high school and college friends who would go out to Colorado for a ski trip and they would bring back a few six packs of "Coors".

Wow!, Now it seems all I have to do is walk or drive to my package store and there it is; the legendary "Coors" beer right here in Massachusetts! Now, I don't know if my local liquor store has a special connection with the Coors brewery or if they make a special trip to Colorado to pick up the beer and drive it back to their store. What I do know is now I can buy Coors beer without having to rely on somebody bringing the beer back from the "Rockies". Now, I can savor the delicious refreshing crisp taste of the Rocky mountain water of this legendary brew right here on old Cape Cod. I don't know if your town has any access to "Coors" but if you are near Cape Cod you can now buy "Coors" beer. Just think, you can now save the cost of an airplane fare or a long distance road trip!

I don't know about the beer you drink; but this beer even tells you when it is cold enough to drink because the mountains on the beer bottle turn blue! Wow, what will they think of next?

Maybe they will come up with a devise for blind beer drinkers when the bottle will talk and say,"I'm cold enough to drink now". Or, "Get your cold beer, cold beer here."

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Send In the Clowns"

YouTube - Stephen Colbert, Corn Packer As America descends further into decline as all former great nations do over time such as the decline of the Roman Empire with its "Bread and Circuses", gladiators and feeding Christians to the lions, Stephen Colbert of the television show "The Colbert Report" recently testified before a Congressional Committee investigating the role of the migrant farm worker. In this "You Tube" video, Colbert described himself as a "corn packer" as he worked for a day on a corn farm packing up crates of corn. He hopes that no one is offended by the term "corn packer" which he said is another name for a "Gay Iowan".

It is good to see a little levity in the halls of Congress, don't you think? After all, under the able leadership of President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid;some say the governmental budget is balanced and may even show a surplus, unemployment is no longer a problem with many employers having trouble finding workers for their job openings, house prices are skyrocketing, just to name a few of the great things currently happening in this country. Of course, these people are mostly found in insane asylums.

The irony of "expert witness" Steven Colbert testifying is that he seems to fit right in with all the other clowns and jokers who are already currently members of our ruling class.

After his work as a "corn packer" there has been no confirmation as yet that Steven Colbert has plans to work a day at a candy factory and try his hand at being a "fudge packer".

"Pondering Their Future"

I saw these two birds yesterday at the end of a dock on Dinah's Pond in Yarmouth on Cape Cod. Being one of the first days of the Fall season; I imagine that they are pondering their future as they look over the water and up towards the sky. Yes, I'm sure they have a lot to think about such as whether to stay on Cape Cod for the upcoming Winter season or fly down South for some warmer weather. Of more immediate concern these birds are probably wondering what they are going to eat today and whether they will have good luck in catching some little fish or some tasty bugs, (Yum Yum).
Of course, maybe these birds are just enjoying the warm temperatures of the day. Maybe however, they are discussing the judges announced for "American Idol" and are wondering how Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will work out. One thing for sure I know that they wish Steven Tyler all the best and hope that his chair is not too close to the end of the elevated stage. These birds don't want Steven Tyler falling of the stage again. You see, when birds jump off an elevated platform whether a dock or a stage ; they can flap their wings and fly away. However, when Steven Tyler jumps off a stage he ends up falling down and hurting himself; even if he falls off the stage while singing "I Believe I Can Fly."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Musical Math"

YouTube - The Fibonacci in Lateralus Here is an interesting You Tube video of the song "Lateralus" by the Los Angeles based band "Tool" that holds for the premise that this song was deliberately written incorporating the "Fibonacci" number sequence. Fibonacci numbers are used by some investment traders in the stock market and are also said to frequently occur in nature such as the arrangement of some plant leaves and the chambered nautilus of the sea.

I personally find the group "Tool" to be one of the most creative and innovative rock bands of the current rock scene. I have seen "Tool" live at least four times. They incorporate an elaborate light show with videos developed by lead guitarist Adam Jones. Drummer Danny Carey, in my opinion is one of the best if not THE best rock drummer. "Tool" songs are noted for their intricate rhythms and tempo shifts.

I recall one of the shows at the "Great Woods, Tweeter Center, Comcast Center" in Mansfield, Massachusetts as this venue has undergone a few name changes over the years. I was in the eleventh row that night for the "Tool" concert and we were in front of a wall of music speakers that were primarily used by bass player Justin Chancellor. I can still reflect on the "power" of the bass music as you of course could hear the music but also I could "feel" the music right in my sternum area of my chest.

Maynard James Keenan is the singer in "Tool" as well as the band "A Perfect Circle" is somewhat unique as although he is the singer he doesn't stand out front on the stage but rather remains in the shadows to the left of drummer Danny Carey and in front of the massive video screens which are in back of the band.

Yes I think the band "Tool" is cool and definitely more musically and artistically talented than your typical pop or rap group while using things like mathematical concepts such as the "Fibonacci" number series in their songs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicken or Egg ?

Here's a photo of about 25 chickens that I saw today while inspecting a home in Barnstable. There are some "Rhode Island Red" chickens shown here as well as some other chickens.

The age old question is "Which came first the chicken or the egg ?" In this case the chicken came first as I asked the owner this question. He replied,"Well Rick. I built this chicken coop about eight months ago but for some reason I wasn't getting any eggs. Then, I decided to bring in about 25 chickens and all of a sudden eggs started appearing daily after the chickens were in this coop. So, I definitely think the chicken came before the egg at least here at my home."

What is your opinion? Chicken or Egg? Which came first?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Four Frog Day"

See if you can find the frogs in this picture. Believe it or not there are four visible frogs and I don't know how many other frogs are in the water. I was inspecting a home in Barnstable on Cape Cod this morning and found these frogs. One hint, the frogs are found somewhat in a straight line and look like maybe they were getting ready for a "frog Olympic" swimming event. I was somewhat amazed that these frogs didn't move to jump in the small man made pond in front of them or make any noise. Then I remembered where I was as this house is located on a parcel of land that fronts a golf course putting green. Everyone knows that golfers require extreme quiet as they line up their puts so maybe these frogs were just maintaining good golf course etiquette as they didn't "croak" once or even whisper or murmur to each other while the golfers were putting. The former owner of this home was a lady from England so maybe this lady taught the frogs "English manners". Another thought, maybe in the past these frogs noticed an opossum who stood perfectly still when people or other animals were around and picked up this behavior as these frogs appeared to me to be like "frog statues". In any event, you probably don't see four frogs in a row every day; at least I don't. Yes this was a glorious later Summer day on Cape Cod; "A Four Frog Day" if you will which I personally prefer to a chilly Winter "Three Dog Night."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drunken Baboon Winos

Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs - Telegraph Interesting article about the drunken baboon problem in some of the swanky sections of South Africa. Some of these baboons can't hold their liquor it seems as they consume fallen fermented grapes from some of the old South African vineyards. Apparently, these brazen baboons were watching all the humans take the winery tours and probably heard all the laughter and good times these tourists had while sampling the various local wines. These baboons decided that they wanted to have some fun too so they started copying this humanoid behavior just like the old expression which you have probably heard; "Baboon see Baboon do."

What would you do if your house was raided by a bunch of drunk, rowdy, unwashed, baboons who started throwing fruit and other objects at you? What would you think if you came across these baboons raiding your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets?

This drunken baboon behavior has to stop! How can these baboons perform their normal jobs such as picking bugs off each other if they are drunk all the time? These wino baboons will probably fall out of their tree homes more frequently if they persist in their alcoholic stupor for days on end. Next thing you know these lazy simians will forget how to forage and will have to rely on the government for food and housing like so many of their human counterparts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl's Duke

YouTube - Gene Chandler Duke of Earl "Hurricane Earl" left Cape Cod this morning without much of a punch. Before "Earl" approached New England and was a category 4 hurricane I was telling people that I saw that I thought and hoped that when "Earl" passed close to Cape Cod that the winds would top out at around 50 miles per hour . And by golly, this here hurricane "Earl" ended up being a rainy tropical storm. Although Cape Cod was declared an emergency area prior to the storm's arrival; at least in my local area of Dennis Port there weren't even any downed tree limbs or fallen leaves from the trees. Yes, "Earl's dukes" were rather ineffective. Check out the You Tube video to see Gene Chandler sing a about the power of the real "Duke of Earl". Earl's near miss makes for a quieter Labor Day weekend but I'm glad Earl's dukes missed instead of landing a knockout punch.