Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Cold Beer"

I'm psyched! I just went to the local liquor store here on Cape Cod and saw that they had some bottles of "Coors" Banquet Style beer available for sale. I remember during the 1970's when I was in high school and college you couldn't get "Coors" beer East of the Mississippi River. There were always a few high school and college friends who would go out to Colorado for a ski trip and they would bring back a few six packs of "Coors".

Wow!, Now it seems all I have to do is walk or drive to my package store and there it is; the legendary "Coors" beer right here in Massachusetts! Now, I don't know if my local liquor store has a special connection with the Coors brewery or if they make a special trip to Colorado to pick up the beer and drive it back to their store. What I do know is now I can buy Coors beer without having to rely on somebody bringing the beer back from the "Rockies". Now, I can savor the delicious refreshing crisp taste of the Rocky mountain water of this legendary brew right here on old Cape Cod. I don't know if your town has any access to "Coors" but if you are near Cape Cod you can now buy "Coors" beer. Just think, you can now save the cost of an airplane fare or a long distance road trip!

I don't know about the beer you drink; but this beer even tells you when it is cold enough to drink because the mountains on the beer bottle turn blue! Wow, what will they think of next?

Maybe they will come up with a devise for blind beer drinkers when the bottle will talk and say,"I'm cold enough to drink now". Or, "Get your cold beer, cold beer here."