Friday, September 24, 2010

"Pondering Their Future"

I saw these two birds yesterday at the end of a dock on Dinah's Pond in Yarmouth on Cape Cod. Being one of the first days of the Fall season; I imagine that they are pondering their future as they look over the water and up towards the sky. Yes, I'm sure they have a lot to think about such as whether to stay on Cape Cod for the upcoming Winter season or fly down South for some warmer weather. Of more immediate concern these birds are probably wondering what they are going to eat today and whether they will have good luck in catching some little fish or some tasty bugs, (Yum Yum).
Of course, maybe these birds are just enjoying the warm temperatures of the day. Maybe however, they are discussing the judges announced for "American Idol" and are wondering how Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will work out. One thing for sure I know that they wish Steven Tyler all the best and hope that his chair is not too close to the end of the elevated stage. These birds don't want Steven Tyler falling of the stage again. You see, when birds jump off an elevated platform whether a dock or a stage ; they can flap their wings and fly away. However, when Steven Tyler jumps off a stage he ends up falling down and hurting himself; even if he falls off the stage while singing "I Believe I Can Fly."