Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drunken Baboon Winos

Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs - Telegraph Interesting article about the drunken baboon problem in some of the swanky sections of South Africa. Some of these baboons can't hold their liquor it seems as they consume fallen fermented grapes from some of the old South African vineyards. Apparently, these brazen baboons were watching all the humans take the winery tours and probably heard all the laughter and good times these tourists had while sampling the various local wines. These baboons decided that they wanted to have some fun too so they started copying this humanoid behavior just like the old expression which you have probably heard; "Baboon see Baboon do."

What would you do if your house was raided by a bunch of drunk, rowdy, unwashed, baboons who started throwing fruit and other objects at you? What would you think if you came across these baboons raiding your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets?

This drunken baboon behavior has to stop! How can these baboons perform their normal jobs such as picking bugs off each other if they are drunk all the time? These wino baboons will probably fall out of their tree homes more frequently if they persist in their alcoholic stupor for days on end. Next thing you know these lazy simians will forget how to forage and will have to rely on the government for food and housing like so many of their human counterparts.