Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl's Duke

YouTube - Gene Chandler Duke of Earl "Hurricane Earl" left Cape Cod this morning without much of a punch. Before "Earl" approached New England and was a category 4 hurricane I was telling people that I saw that I thought and hoped that when "Earl" passed close to Cape Cod that the winds would top out at around 50 miles per hour . And by golly, this here hurricane "Earl" ended up being a rainy tropical storm. Although Cape Cod was declared an emergency area prior to the storm's arrival; at least in my local area of Dennis Port there weren't even any downed tree limbs or fallen leaves from the trees. Yes, "Earl's dukes" were rather ineffective. Check out the You Tube video to see Gene Chandler sing a about the power of the real "Duke of Earl". Earl's near miss makes for a quieter Labor Day weekend but I'm glad Earl's dukes missed instead of landing a knockout punch.