Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Sacha

Sacha Baron Cohen Oscars 2012 -- "I Applaud The Academy For Taking Away My Free Speech" In another example of repression of free speech the Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has taken away the right of serious actor Sacha Baron Cohen to attend the Academy Awards this weekend dressed in charactor as a repressive dictator. Since when in America do we trample on the legitimacy of free speech and the right of dictators to repress their subjects? You only have to look at Iran, Syria, Uganda to name a few places where so far it is perfectly fine in America's eyes to allow dictators to butcher their people. Perhaps the "Academy is worried that there would be some entertainment value on the "red carpet" that didn't involve discussing the latest couture and promotional plugs for the other actors with some possibility of humor and satire by Sacha. If Sacha is banned, look forward to a long night of award winners thanking a laundry list of of co-stars, directors, family members (who they love) and expressing exciting sentiments like "We did it", or "Oh, I'm so surprised, I didn't even prepare anything to say".

I say "Free Sacha". "Let Sacha be Sacha".

1790 Regatta of Cotuit Building

Here is a photograph of the front entrance of the "Regatta" Restaurant of Cotuit, Mass. on Cape Cod taken in February 2012. Built in 1790 by Roland Thatcher Crocker, this retired sea captain used this building as his home as well as a general store and lodging facility for  Boston stage coach riders.   The original wide pine flooring is still found in this Federal Colonial along with many fireplace hearths. I found it interesting that the second level restroom had a full bath in it but I didn't take a shower while I was there as I forgot to bring a towel with me for dinner that night.

Regatta Seafood Special

Here is a photograph of a recent meal I and my UCONN roommate had had at "The Regatta" Restaurant in Cotuit. The meal consisted of Salmon, Lobster and Shrimp along with an appetizer of baked Cotuit Oysters. The food was great and I did use a "Groupon" coupon to help reduce the wallet cost.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Swan River Near Dusk

Here is a recent photograph taken from the "Crab Bridge" on Swan River near dusk. During the Summer months people drop crab traps into the intertidal water here to capture soft shell crabs. Many people put in chicken legs in their crab traps as bait for the crabs. Ironically though when you catch the crabs and cook them they taste like crabs and not like chicken.

I recently picked up a copy of a book "Stalking The Blue Eyed Scallop" by author Euell Gibbons which describes how to survive at the seashore. I remember a long time ago seeing Euell Gibbons on television saying that parts of pine trees are edible. In the "Stalking The Blue Eyed Scallop" book parts of the book describe edible seaweed. So, I should be all set if and/or when the economy falls apart and the dollar is used as toilet paper to survive here on Cape Cod on pine bark , seaweed, and boiled crabs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free Killer Food for Fat Folks

Customer suffers cardiac arrest while eating a Triple Bypass Burger in restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill Mail Online Interesting article about a fellow who suffered cardiac arrest while eating a triple bypass burger at the "Heart Attack Grill" in Las Vegas. The theme of this restaurant is "Taste Worth Dying For" and the restaurant swears that the cardiac arrest person was not a publicity stunt. Some of the meals have from 6,000 to 8,000 calories which should fill you up as the average daily caloric consumption for people is 2,000 calories per day.

It is interesting to note that if you weight 350 pounds or more that they don't charge you for their meals. This reminds me of what I say in a joking manner to some people at the part time hotel job I have when people ask if we accept AAA; I say, "Yes we do, and if you're a member of AA we offer you a free drink."

So, what do you think of this restaurant? Food for thought, as heaven knows they do seem to offer food to die for.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Drive By Exorcism by the Pope

Pope Benedict 'exorcised two men in the Vatican', claims new book - Telegraph Some things appear to be "supernatural"; here is an article about the Pope exorcising two men in the crowd at the Vatican. What do you think of this? Do you believe in the "Devil"? Do you believe some people are possessed and can spew mass quantities of green vomit, speak in tongues and arcane languages, while performing superhuman feats and spinning their heads around 360 degrees? You never know but I have never met anybody that was deemed "certifiably possessed".

A friend of mine however, a few years back ran across a young woman who claimed that she was possessed and my friend tried to" exorcise her demons". My friend stated that one time he was in a "Borders" book store with his wife and the "possessed girl" who was about five feet tall. The three of them were talking when all of a sudden this girl I am told literally jumped up eight feet and landed on top of a bookshelf from a standing start. Sounds a little unusual to me and this girl wasn't wearing special spring shoes or any other type of custom footwear. My friend and his wife were quite religious and they said that many things they encountered would "make your hair curl" but they didn't divulge to me all the details.

Some people say some people are just "born bad" and other people become bad over time; maybe through possession, maybe not, God knows.