Monday, February 20, 2012

Swan River Near Dusk

Here is a recent photograph taken from the "Crab Bridge" on Swan River near dusk. During the Summer months people drop crab traps into the intertidal water here to capture soft shell crabs. Many people put in chicken legs in their crab traps as bait for the crabs. Ironically though when you catch the crabs and cook them they taste like crabs and not like chicken.

I recently picked up a copy of a book "Stalking The Blue Eyed Scallop" by author Euell Gibbons which describes how to survive at the seashore. I remember a long time ago seeing Euell Gibbons on television saying that parts of pine trees are edible. In the "Stalking The Blue Eyed Scallop" book parts of the book describe edible seaweed. So, I should be all set if and/or when the economy falls apart and the dollar is used as toilet paper to survive here on Cape Cod on pine bark , seaweed, and boiled crabs.