Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I'm Glad We're Glad"

William Shakespeare said something like "All the world's a stage" in one of his plays.

I remember first being on stage when I was four years old as I was selected to give the opening welcome greeting to a church Christmas pageant when I was living in Carmel, New York.

My welcoming salutation went something like this: "We're glad that you are here to share our Christmas cheer".

There was probably more to my welcoming introduction than that beginning line and I must apologize for not remembering the rest of the greeting. I don't know why I can't remember the whole opening remarks as it was only a short fifty years ago. Maybe my memory is starting to desert me. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast on March 13, 1973; I think it was blueberry pancakes but it might have been just regular waffles. I guess I should have written that information down. They say that under hypnosis you should be able to recall important information such as that so maybe I'll have to see a hypnotist.

Oh well, I was glad to welcome everyone that night. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tonight I was watching the 2009 World Series of Poker on ESPN television with their coverage of this fortieth year event held in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel.

These poker games are always interesting to me as you see the different strategies and sometimes lucky breaks that the poker players experience in their quest to win tons of money and a WSOP bracelet.

The poker was fun and all but tonight for me the highlight of the broadcast was a commercial for "Obama Chia". Yes you can order yourself a genuine President Barak Obama Chia bust commemorating the election of our 44th President and have hours of fun watching a green Afro style chia hairstyle grow on top of the head as you read the inspiring words inscribed on the side of this must have item "Yes You Can". Yes you can order your Obama Chia with either a happy or determined expression or order both expressions if you can't decide.

These Obama Chias make great gifts for people of all ages. Not only can you watch the green chia hair grow but you can also talk to, pray with and for our beloved president who will soon solve all the problems of the world. I hope that President Barak Obama will win his re-election bid in 2012 and then after that term if he is able to pack the Supreme Court with his like minded revolutionaries committed to social justice then they can repeal the two term limit for presidents so that Barak Obama can be President for Life just like his good friend Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. That would be so coool !!!

Just think, "We are the change we have been waiting for." If President Obama is named President for Life or perhaps SUPREME LEADER OF THE WORLD then we won't have to vote so often. If we have a leader like Barak Obama why would we need another president anyway?
Barak Obama is relatively young; so why do we need anyone else to run the country? We need a President like Barak Obama to take over our health care system to go along with the banking system and Government Motors. I think next the government should start regulating what everyone eats and making sure that everyone exercises enough each week in order reduce health costs. There are currently too many choices in this life as to what to eat. President Obama should determine what each citizen should eat and also implant a microchip in everyone so that no one will ever get lost and to make sure that we know where everyone is at all times as well as making sure that everyone gets enough exercise.

Some of these ideas may sound "far fetched" but then again who knows what the future will bring? Can you buy a Barak Obama Chia (probably made in China) ? Yes you can!! So get a happy or determined President Barak Obama Chia. This three pound simulated sculpture retails for less than twenty dollars. Operators are standing by, call now!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Sweet Peas" downtown Riverton, Connecticut

Here's a photo of "Sweet Peas" restaurant located on 6 Riverton Road, Riverton, Connecticut. We had a nice dinner to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday party on 7/18 and had our own dining room on the first level of this antique Victorian home. (See below for more pictures of this building and the food we had that day).

Coincidentally, my brother Steve's wife Caprice had a cat named "Sweet Pea" who lived to be an old age.

"Sweet Peas" Riverton, Connecticut front door

Here's a photo taken on 7/18 at " Sweet Peas" restaurant Riverton, Connecticut prior to having a nice meal to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. (see pictures below for interior shot and pictures of some of the entrees. I didn't take a photo of the Salmon entree.)

Sweet Peas" Riverton, Connecticut inside shot

Here's an inside shot from "Sweet Peas" restaurant where we had a birthday celebration for my Dad's 80th on 7/18. I'm not in the picture as I'm taking the picture ; but my sunglasses are in the shot and saving my seat.

"Sweet Peas" stuffed chicken breast

Here's a picture of the stuffed chicken breast entree with cashew nuts from the 80th birthday party we had for my Dad at "Sweet Peas" restaurant located in Riverton, Connecticut.

"Sweet Peas Seafood luncheon entree

Here's a picture of the seafood medley entree selection for the meal we had at "Sweet Peas"restaurant on 7/18 for my Dad's 80th birthday party. There were fifteen of us in our own dining room. Crab cakes, shrimp. looks good to me!


Here's my meal that I had for my Dad's 80th birthday celebration held on July 18th at "Sweet Peas" restaurant located in "Downtown Riverton, Connecticut.
Petit filet minon, potato, fine onion rings, and assorted vegetables. Yum Yum!

YouTube - cake 80

YouTube - cake 80 See the white chocolate cake sister Janet brought for my Dad's 80th birthday celebration.

Dogs Yoma & Buddy Inside House

YouTube - yom & buddy inside house Brother Scott & his wife Leslie's dogs "Yoma" & "Buddy" inside their house on a winter day. I let them out for an exercise break. (Exciting stuff!!)


See the salty sea salt straight from the sea shore. In this picture are some salt crystals in a plastic salad bowl created from sea water and evaporating off the sea water from the sun leaving just the salt. Salt water only has 3 percent salt by volume so it takes a lot of salt water to make the sea salt. This salt to me has a more dynamic taste than regular salt and is better for you with up to eighty trace elements in this sea salt compared to regular table salt.

I read on the Internet that a French scientist once kept a chicken heart beating alive for twenty seven years in sea water so if you are butchering some of your chickens and want to keep the heart alive I guess sea water can help you out.


Many homes on Cape Cod have an outside shower. I haven't noticed this phenomenon in other parts of the country. Outside showers are convenient as you can wash off all the sand and salt water from returning from the beach without going through your house and leaving a trail of sand behind you. Another advantage of an outdoor shower is that you don't have to worry about running a bathroom fan to dissipate the steamy fog created from an indoor shower.
I generally use my outdoor shower from late April through late November. I don't use the shower on rainy days as I wouldn't want to get wet from the rain.
Yesterday afternoon while using my outdoor shower I had a "shower surprise". I had just finished my shower (see picture of an outdoor shower on your left) and was reaching for my towel to dry myself off. I felt something on top of my right foot. I looked down to my right foot to see what it was and there sitting on my foot was either a field mouse or a vole about five or six inches long, dark grey in color. "Yikes" I said, as I shook this creature off my foot and watched as this animal scampered off my foot and darted under the gap of the stockade fence of the shower enclosure and under my sun porch. This little blackish creature literally came out of the blue as I didn't see it until it was on my foot.
In the past I have seen a rabbit in my shower but the rabbit didn't want to stay and hop on to my right foot. Perhaps this mouse creature was in his mouse home and was being lectured by his mother and father mouse about some bad mouse behavior. Perhaps the mother and father mouse said to their child mouse "You better shape up and get on the right foot". This mouse then saw me taking a shower and remembered his parent's sage advise and got on my right foot. Yikes!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

YouTube - Cayman listens to a Short Story

YouTube - Cayman listens to a Short Story Brother Steve and wife Caprice's dog "Cayman" listens to a "Short" story while attending my Dad's 80th birthday celebration on 7/18/2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I had these here peas for lunch today. I grew them out in back of my house in a small garden. They were organically grown as I didn't use any chemical sprays or fertilizers.

On top of them there peas I sprinkled some fresh sea salt that I made myself from the nearby Dennis Port salt water ocean. I went down to the sea with an empty milk jug and scooped up some sea water and brought the jug home. I then put the salt water into a plastic bowl and set the bowl outside in the sun so that the salt water would evaporate and leave the salt crystals behind.

We had so much rain in the month of June here on Cape Cod that a few times I left the plastic bowl outside and the bowl filled up with rain water thus delaying the evaporation process.

I thought up the idea of making my own sea salt as there is a condominium complex called salt works village nearby in town. I did some investigating on the Internet and found that Cape Cod was one of the prominent salt producing areas of the country before the rise of the railroads and there used to be over 800 windmills on the Cape that were used primarily to pump sea water into large salt flats through hollowed out logs late in the 1800's. They also used to boil seawater in large kettles heated by firewood but that process was too labor intensive.

Salt has had a prominent role in the history of the world. According to the website salt the Chinese Emperor Hsia Yu in 2200 B.C. levied the first ever tax when he taxed salt. Roman soldiers were paid in salt or "salarium" the Latin origin of the word "salary".Greek slave traders would often barter slaves for salt and hence the expression "not worth his salt".

Sea salt I find has greater flavor than common table salt. Many chefs are now using sea salt as one of their ingredients in the gourmet dishes they prepare at their restaurants. There are many varieties of sea salt available for sale such as Hawaiian sea salt, Irish sea salt, and grey sea salt among other varieties.

I had fun recently at the Soundings motel as I scooped up some salt water from the oceanfront there and met a middle aged couple from south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who were vacationing at the hotel. I asked them if they thought that the sea level would drop because of the salt water I took from the ocean and told them that I was making my own sea salt. They told me not to worry as they doubted that the amount of water I took from the ocean would matter too much. I also told them that with all the talk of rising sea levels due to the supposed global warming that I was doing my part to make sure that the tide didn't rise too much by taking away a small part of the sea water from the ocean.

Sometimes in history "what goes around comes around" as there are plans on Cape Cod to re-introduce windmills for power generation both on the land as well as a 24 square mile project off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts. We do get our share of wind on Cape Cod and this form of energy production does not require any fossil fuel or generate any pollution. The wind is variable though as some days are windier than others.

So, if you are near a body of salt water you too should consider making your own sea salt. One note of caution however. PLEASE do not not put salt near a car battery or a regular flashlight type of battery. If you do you may be subject to arrest by the police for assault and battery.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YouTube - Snow Birds

YouTube - Snow Birds Little birds feeding at my bird feeder on a snowy winter day. "Carpe diem" as before you know it the summer will be over.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

YouTube - aunt janet rocking baby Kenzie

YouTube - aunt Janet rocking baby Kenzie My sister Janet rocking baby Kenzie. Kenzie is dreaming of being an Olympic backstroke champion in the 2030 Olympics and started her "training" later that afternoon. That Olympic game year will be noted as the first major sports event to be held on the planet Mars.

YouTube - Mom pictures prom queen & cheerleader

YouTube - Mom pictures prom queen & cheerleader Here's a video of my Mom's long lost "High School" days when she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen.

At the Homecoming queen affair she had to sit in a decorated small row boat surrounded by her homecoming court who were there in case she got a little "tipsy" in the small boat.

YouTube - hula hula

YouTube - hula hula Sister -in-Law "Leslie" is doing the "hula hula" while someone is singing the traditional Hawaiian "Hula" song. Click to see this original You Tube video.

Baby backstroker

YouTube - baby Less than 2 month old "Kenzi" is practicing doing the "backstroke" in her crib while watching flying mini-polar bears overhead. She probably won't even remember doing this for some reason.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


YouTube - DOG "CAYMAN" SINGS "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Here's a video (My FIRST ORIGINAL YOU TUBE VIDEO) of Cayman "THE WONDER DOG" singing "Happy Birthday" as my Dad Celebrates his 80th Birthday along with the rest of my brothers and sisters. Sister Janet picked up a "Yummy" Birthday Cake with white chocolate frosting for the occasion. My Dad is still "Full of Wind" as he easily blew out the twelve candles on the cake. (Click the You Tube link if you don't believe me.)

Happy Birthday DAD. Bark bark barkbark says Cayman.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Back in the mid-1970's when I first started working at the front desk of the Soundings Motel in Dennis Port on Cape Cod, Mass. I often worked with Debbie Manning who is the wife of one of the owners of the Soundings at that time. Back then we had music piped into the lobby and indoor pool areas from a large tape player as well as a microphone to page people in these areas of the motel.

Some times during slow moments of the day we used to page famous people with our desk microphone over the speakers for fun. We wanted to try to get people staying at the motel to believe that we had "stars" staying with us at the Soundings. Debbie Manning would say "Urgent message for Mr. Robert Redford, please report to the front desk." I remember that she would also say over the microphone " Bob Hope, Mr. Bob Hope, you have a phone call". Back then we didn't have voice mail capability with the room phones and had to take messages for the guests and leave a message light flashing on their phone.

Alas, Bob Hope wasn't at the property or at least he didn't answer his page. Maybe he was in the sauna and didn't hear us calling his name. Maybe he was in the indoor pool building but was swimming underwater in the pool and didn't hear us trying to contact him. Since Bob Hope didn't respond to our attempts to reach him we were Hope-less at the Soundings. There was no Hope.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I read today that Al Franken, the recently seated Senator from Minnesota when questioning Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayer asked her yesterday about her favorite "Perry Mason" episode. For the most part though Senator Al Franken has stayed true to his script and not strayed too much into his comedic past when he was a frequent part of the "Saturday Night Live" television show as a performer and writer.

Maybe Senator Franken realizes when he arrived in Washington to join the Senate that there are already enough clowns in the Senate and if he resorted to his comedic past it would just be "piling on" to use a football term with all of the current jokers who call themselves senators. Maybe it takes a comedian to get serious and start to change the laughing stock actions of our current government.

The current government has run amok spending like a drunken sailor on pork barrel pet projects while unemployment rates are the highest in twenty-six years. Maybe there is a competition to see if this can be the worst administration in history although so far ex-President Jimmy Carter can rest easy that he still holds the title in my opinion as "worst president". President Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran which lead to the rise of the Islamofascist Mullah regime that still controls and represses the Iranian populace. Under President Carter we had gas lines at the pumps, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, high inflation and interest rates. President Carter's solution to the energy crisis at that time was to put on a sweater.

Never before has this nation faced the prospect of trillion dollar annual deficits as we do now. Big government is taking over more and more of the economy with their stake in the auto and banking industries. National health care is next on their plate. Get ready to buy some comfortable shoes should you ever get sick and need to see a doctor or go to the hospital as there will be long waiting lines and rationing of care to look forward to so you might as well have shoes that soothe your feet.

Reducing the incentives in the economy by raising taxes on entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the innovators will not spur economic output. Get ready for the return of the "Carter stagflation years" of misery and malaise. Can Government Motors (GM) and nationalized banks give us "The change we have been waiting for?" Is government planned capitalism the way to achieve a growing economy? Time will tell. The joke is probably on us.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It seemed surreal but it was all too real.
It was 1982 and I was attending a national tourim convention in Nashville, Tennessee. I was representing "The Captain's Clambake Emporium" restaurant located in Dennis Port on Cape Cod at that time in addition to the Soundings motel, the Colonial Village motel, and the Captain Williams House restaurant at the convention to promote these properties to motor coach tour operators who gather each year at the national convention to learn about various hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions so that they can plan itineraries to market to their group clients.
I was invited to have dinner one evening during the convention by the Sullivan family who operate Collette Tours from Rhode Island as we hosted many of their groups at the Soundings motel and also at our traditional New England Clambake at The Captain's Clambake Emporium. In addition to myself and the Sullivan family and others employees of Collette Tours; the Sullivan family invited a few other representatives of other motels and attractions along for the dinner at a unique restaurant that was located right at the end of a runway for the Nashville airport. I believe that the restaurant was called something like the 101st Airborne Division or something close to that. This restaurant had large picture windows facing the airport runway and the airplanes would take off right towards the restaurant and then lift off the ground right over the restaurant. Each table had a set of ear phones so that you could hear the pilots talking to the control tower as they built up speed down the runway and took off into the wild blue yonder. The front of the restaurant had a simulated hole in the building as if created by a mortar explosion and we crossed a small bridge on the way to the front of the restaurant where there was an overturned jeep to simulate that this building was in the middle of a war zone.
After the meal Dan Sullivan was putting a spoon over the lit candle on the table and moving this spoon lightly through the flame and then proceeded to hang this spoon on the end of his nose. I had never seen anyone "hang a spoon" before and thought that was an interesting sight. See the picture to the left as an example of someone "hanging a spoon".
The next evening I was invited to join a group of people from primarily the Connecticut area including my friend Cyndi Miller who was representing the Greater Hartford Convention and Visitor's Bureau, and Sue from Friendship Tours of West Hartford among others to eat at the Stock-Yard restaurant in downtown Nashville. There were about twenty people in our group that night and we had a private dining room at this renowned steak restaurant. As our meal was winding down a roving guitar player named "Skip Town" can into our private dining room and started to sing silly songs and tell corny jokes. I got into the mood and said a few funny lines myself and everyone was laughing and having fun. I remembered my dinner from the previous night at the restaurant near the airport and decided that this was a perfect time to try to reprise the "spoon hanging" I had seen that night.
For some reason I thought that heating the spoon over the candle was an essential part of the "spoon hanging experience". So, instead of lightly passing the spoon through the candle flame at the Stock-Yard restaurant I held the spoon steady over the candle flame before I put this spoon on the end of my nose and tried to "hang the spoon". I guess I forgot that metal retains heat for a length of time and I had heated this spoon too much. I hung this hot spoon on the tip of my nose and was successful in balancing this hot spoon.
When I took the hot spoon off of my nose a heat blister about a half an inch long and a little over a quarter inch wide developed on my nose from this hot spoon. This blister rose from my nose and was filled with clear liquid like a bump. I ended up picking this "bump ' off my nose and was left with a red raw looking scar on the tip of my nose.
The next day I was scheduled to have my sales presentations with the various tour operators who were interested in the Cape Cod properties I was representing at the convention. Basically everyone has about ten minutes per appointment to meet the interested tour operators and describe your facilities in the hope of doing future business when the tour operators brought tours into your area. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and going into the hotel room bathroom to look in the mirror at my nose and thinking "I can't believe I did that!'
Morning came and I dressed in my business attire to get ready for the sales marketplace. I can remember one appointment in particular where I was busy showing pictures of the New England Clambake, telling about our player piano, describing our various clambake group menus, and highlighting our personal service when the man across the desk from me started touching his own nose at the end of his nose. I then thought to myself he's thinking about my red burnt nose as I continued on with my presentation. A few of the other appointments I did briefly describe what happened to my nose the night before.
I'm still left with a very slight souvenir to this very day of my first "spoon hanging experience" as there is a faint outline of the area where I burned my nose.
It seemed surreal but was all too real.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"The Chair is Not my Son"

YouTube - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean I remember when Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" came out that late night Television Host David Letterman and his Band Leader sidekick Paul Shaffer were talking about this song. Dave said to Paul you know Paul "It sounds like Michael Jackson is saying in this "Billie Jean song that the "chair" is not my son". They then played the song and Paul intoned the word "chair" instead of "kid" at the proper place in the song.

Check out the "You Tube" link above for the "Billie Jean" song to see what I'm talking about.

Michael Jackson really lit up the stage with his moon walkin', twirling and choreographed dance numbers such as found in the song "Thriller". He lit up the sidewalk during this "Billie Jean" video. Unfortunately he really lit up his hair during the filming of one of his "Pepsi" commercials. He was so hot that day that he was on fire.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


YouTube - Marty Robbins Sings 'Ghost Riders In The Sky.' Once we are born you never know when when your number is going to be called and the day the "Grim Reaper" will come to take you from this earthly plane to your next adventure in the afterlife. I was in attendance in Nashville, Tennessee for the last performance of the Legendary country and western singer songwriter and musician Marty Robbins. Click the "You Tube" link above to listen to Mary singing the Stan Jones classic cowboy/western song "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

I was attending a National Tour Association national convention on December 7,1982 when Marty Robbins gave his last performance at a luncheon hosted by the local Nashville Tennessee Visitors Bureau at the Opryland Hotel. Marty sang many of his well known songs such as the 1959 Grammy award winning song "El Paso", "Red River Valley","My Woman, My Woman ,My Wife", and "Ghost Riders In the Sky". Marty Robbins appeared to be a little under the weather that day but gave a good performance during the luncheon and appeared slightly discouraged that day as some of the convention attendees were busy talking and eating their lunch while he was singing so they couldn't cheer as loudly as a typical concert setting with their mouths full of food. We were all surprised to learn that Marty died the next day at the age of 57.

Marty Robbins also had a passion for stock car racing and participated in the NASCAR Daytona 500 in 1973. His last race was the November 7th, 1982 Atlanta 500 a month before he died from complications from cardiac surgery.

Marty became the newest "Ghost Rider In The Sky" after that December 7th luncheon performance to ride the Western trails on his horses and the stock car tracks of the afterlife.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The oceanfront Cape Cod resort "The Soundings" was the site today of an informal "Town Hall" meeting with Chairman John Maloney of Bluegreen Corporation (BXG symbol on the New York Stock Exchange) other corporate officers and developer Leon Narbonne as they described the recent past history of Bluegreen Corporation and plans for "The Soundings " and Bluegreen corporation with the staff of "The Soundings" and "Ocean Mist" resorts. Bluegreen manages approximately fifty quality resorts throughout the United States and Aruba and offers flexible vacation ownership plans as well as a land sales and planned community division.

Here is a photo of the recently completed" West Wing" renovation of "The Soundings" motel which is the first phase of a three phase plan to completely renovate "The Soundings" to transform this spectacular oceanfront location into a truly outstanding resort destination.

"The West is the Best". This eleven unit wing has custom quality features such as Brazilian Marble countertops, flat screen televisions, gas fireplaces, quality tile and wood flooring, and brand new designer furnishings. The "Presidential Suite"on the third level boasts three flat screen televisions, vaulted ceilings, two gas fireplaces, two custom bathrooms, expansive oceanfront views with a large balcony which is open for one section to catch the sun and covered on the other portion of the balcony for inclement weather days.

If you have a chance, come on down to "The Soundings" in Dennis Port on Cape Cod Mass and see for yourself the new developments here on the beach.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


YouTube - TALKING HEADS Here's the first of two songs by "Talking Heads" to give a small taste of the flavor of the concert I saw in the '80's at the Cape Cod Coliseum as described in the post below. I figured it was a good idea to post two songs by "Talking Heads" as two heads are better than one.

Formed in the mid-1970's when David Byrne and Chris Franz met at the Rhode Island School of Design they recruited Chris's girlfriend Tina Weymouth to play bass and later Jerry Harrison joined the group.

Here they are playing "Psycho Killer" on this You Tube link. Later Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth formed a side project group called"Tom Tom Club."


YouTube - once in a lifetime Here's David Byrne singing the classic "Once In A Lifetime". " Same as it ever was." There is water at the bottom of the ocean". "Time isn't holding us. Time isn't after us" As described in the article below "Cape Cod Coliseum" I saw "Talking Heads" one steamy Summer's evening in the '80's.


The Cape Cod Coliseum, built in 1972 on White's Path in South Yarmouth, Mass. is now used for warehouse storage for Dennis East and The Mid-Cape Center Building Supply Companies.

Back in its earlier history The Coliseum was used as a rock concert venue and also the hockey home for the Cape Cod Freedoms of the North American Hockey League and the Cape Cod Cubs and Cape Codders of the Northeastern Hockey League.

I remember attending a concert at the Cape Cod Coliseum in the 1980's with the "Talking Heads" band featuring lead singer David Byrne. I received a free ticket to this show so I certainly received my "money's worth". At this concert I was standing to the right of the stage right in front of a wall of speakers. David Byrne and the band were in fine form. David was wearing an exaggerated suit with extra wide shoulders that night. In back of the band they projected slides of bizarre images such as a typical looking living room chair in upright position then another slide of this chair on its right side on the floor and another slide of this chair on its left side lying on the floor. They played a lot of their popular songs of that time such as "Psycho Killer", "Once In A Lifetime", and "Life During War Time".

I went to a hockey game once at the Coliseum and saw the wrestling promoter Vince McMahon out on the center ice interviewing one of the hockey players. This hockey player had some kind of whistling devise in his mouth so Vince would ask him a question and the hockey player would answer with a variety of whistles instead of humanoid noises such as words composed of vowels and consonants. That was different.

Many other rock bands played at the Cape Cod Coliseum such as Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, The Clash, The Ramones, George Harrison, The B-52's, to name a few. Vine McMahon also promoted some World Wrestling Federation events at this site.

Alas, the hockey teams didn't draw enough fans to sustain their team at the Coliseum. The Coliseum was sold and expanded to three times its former size and used as warehouse space for The Christmas Tree Shops chain before the present day tenants.

So, from the original usage as a musical and sports entertainment complex this site was transformed from a storehouse of fun and memories to a warehouse for tangible goods and building products. Maybe some day I will reminisce about a piece of lumber that I bought at The Mid-Cape Center store that was once stored in the warehouse.