Monday, July 13, 2009

"The Chair is Not my Son"

YouTube - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean I remember when Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" came out that late night Television Host David Letterman and his Band Leader sidekick Paul Shaffer were talking about this song. Dave said to Paul you know Paul "It sounds like Michael Jackson is saying in this "Billie Jean song that the "chair" is not my son". They then played the song and Paul intoned the word "chair" instead of "kid" at the proper place in the song.

Check out the "You Tube" link above for the "Billie Jean" song to see what I'm talking about.

Michael Jackson really lit up the stage with his moon walkin', twirling and choreographed dance numbers such as found in the song "Thriller". He lit up the sidewalk during this "Billie Jean" video. Unfortunately he really lit up his hair during the filming of one of his "Pepsi" commercials. He was so hot that day that he was on fire.