Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wine Not?

I recently received this "RICKSHAW" 2012 Chardonnay California wine from my UCONN roommate "Jack" as he treated me to dinner at the "Oyster Company" restaurant in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. The Oyster Company restaurant was appropriate as far as this wine bottle was concerned I'm sure as the label shows a bunch of unshucked oyster which ironically may have on the label the same number of oysters as the number of birthdays I have experienced.

The back label of this wine bottle states that "Dedicated to the relentless pursuit  of wines of elegance, purity, and sophistication at prices that rarely reflect these characteristics. We are equally dedicated to helping carry our fellow man , thus the name. 5% of all profits will be donated to food based charities in the state where the wine is sold."

Why not try some "RICKSHAW" wine for yourself if you happen to stumble across this vintage in your travels? Wine not?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interstellar Time

Just returned from viewing the new Christopher Nolan directed film "Interstellar". This movie explores some interesting "physics" concepts such as "worm holes and black holes" and the "Theory of Relativity" as it relates to the concepts of space and time along with gravity and the future of mankind if planet Earth becomes uninhabitable .Relative time between Earth time and time in space and other planets in other galaxies was explored.  Definitely a "thought provoking" movie along with exploring the human urges of "self preservation versus human species continuation"and what decisions people may make if confronted with the choice of these two paths.

Christopher Nolan also directed  "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Memento" as well as the mind provoking movie "Inception" where present reality was contrasted the dream states and "dreaming within a dream" where in this movie as well time passed at different rates.

So, if you like a movie that makes you think a bit then you might enjoy this film. If you are looking for a movie for laughs or car chases then you will find this film somewhat disappointing.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"A Hooker and Road 2 Ruin"

Catchy title Eh?  I'm writing about beer of course. For my recent birthday I received a "6 pack" each of "Hopmeadow I.P.A." beer from the Thomas Hooker Brewery of Bloomfield, Connecticut and also a "6 pack" of "Road 2 Ruin" Double I.P.A.  beer from the Two Roads Brewing Company of Stratford, Connecticut.

My Dad grew up on Hopmeadow Street in Simsbury, Connecticut and according to "Wikipedia" Hopmeadow either refers to wild hops found on the banks of the Farmington River, OR from the fish that used to jump in the river with gave the name of "Hop Brook" and the fields surrounding the river being known as Hop Meadow. Don't know which definition is true. Maybe, somebody saw some rabbits "hop,hop, hoping" in a nearby meadow and said; "Let's name this street Hopmeadow".

Both beers are "India Pale Ale" and are self described as "tempting hoppy" with "plenty of bite" for the "Road 2 Ruin" beer while the Thomas Hooker beer is self described as having a "big hop finish" and "A blend of Cascade,Centennial, and Zythos hops give this beer a citrus nose and crisp piney finish.Balanced but complex, this beer is a truly refreshing IPA". Now, I'm not a beer critic but I do like the taste of these beers. Feel free to try them for yourself and see what you think. I for one didn't even know citrus have a nose; so I did learn something from reading the packaging found on the Thomas Hooker Brewery "6 pack".

Sunday, November 2, 2014

MY Birthday Gift To Everyone!

I was born on November 2nd on what was "Election Day" that year. They say that people born on a Tuesday are "full of grace". SO, I do hereby proclaim that today November 2, 2014 shall have an extra hour for everyone to do as they wish as they go about their life as a "present" from me and all others who were born this day and do hereby declare that "All clocks shall be set back one hour". I feel this is the least I can do as a token of my appreciation for all the people who have been good to me in my life as well as all the other people in the world that I have never met.  I expect nothing in return for this action and don't blame me if someone in the future say next Spring for example wants to take this hour back at some point.

There have been more presidents born this day (November 2nd) than any other being James Polk and Warren Harding. Marie Antoinette of France was born this day as well, (and she NEVER said "Let them eat cake"). Daniel Boone, "Nelly", David Schwimmer the actor, Burt Lancaster, Stephanie Powers, Ray Walston, and singer K.D. Lang to name a few were also born this day. Also, "Michael Buffer (LLLLLLEEEEETTTSSS Get READY TO HAVE A BIRTHDAYYYYY)

So, I hope you enjoy my gift and extra hour today as a "present" for an expanded present day. Think of it similar to sometimes receiving a "baker's dozen" from your local baker.