Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Four Frog Day"

See if you can find the frogs in this picture. Believe it or not there are four visible frogs and I don't know how many other frogs are in the water. I was inspecting a home in Barnstable on Cape Cod this morning and found these frogs. One hint, the frogs are found somewhat in a straight line and look like maybe they were getting ready for a "frog Olympic" swimming event. I was somewhat amazed that these frogs didn't move to jump in the small man made pond in front of them or make any noise. Then I remembered where I was as this house is located on a parcel of land that fronts a golf course putting green. Everyone knows that golfers require extreme quiet as they line up their puts so maybe these frogs were just maintaining good golf course etiquette as they didn't "croak" once or even whisper or murmur to each other while the golfers were putting. The former owner of this home was a lady from England so maybe this lady taught the frogs "English manners". Another thought, maybe in the past these frogs noticed an opossum who stood perfectly still when people or other animals were around and picked up this behavior as these frogs appeared to me to be like "frog statues". In any event, you probably don't see four frogs in a row every day; at least I don't. Yes this was a glorious later Summer day on Cape Cod; "A Four Frog Day" if you will which I personally prefer to a chilly Winter "Three Dog Night."