Saturday, June 23, 2012

Presidential Wedding Gifts

The Obama event registry — Blog — Barack Obama  For those of you who love the "great" job our president is doing there is a new way to contribute to the "forward" looking re-election campaign for four more years of probably the best presidency this nation has ever seen! Yes, now in lieu of wedding gifts or commitment ceremony gifts the Obama campaign is suggesting that you make a contribution  that we all can appreciate and " goes a lot further than a gravy boat". So, "LET'S GO PEOPLE, FORK OVER THAT WEDDING CASH NOW!"

I have heard rumors that the Obama campaign also is considering asking for a "National Yard Sale Weekend" over the Labor Day Holidays  where all supporters should consider selling all their unnecessary possessions and contribute the proceeds to Barack. The Obama campaign I am told is also thinking of organizing a "National Kool Aid" sale so that all the Obama supporters who drink the kool-aid can buy this tasty nutritious drink with the proceeds going towards the re-election efforts of Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Dr. Jill. Some officials with the Obama re-election team wouldn't comment as to whether a street corner apple and pencil sale for Barack is still planned for the Wall Street section of New York City. 

There are so many ways for us to contribute, please don't limit yourself if you have any good ideas as to how to funnel some cash to Barack. For, as we all know,Barack needs help, as does our nation.