Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus & Mary Magdalene Have Returned?

Alan John Miller, Mary Suzanne Luck Claim To Be Jesus And Mary Magdalene (VIDEO) Here is a video of Alan John Miller who claims that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus "The Christ" who along with Mary Suzanne Luck (who claims to be the re-incarnated Mary Magdalene) reside in Australia. What do you think? DO you believe A.J. and Ms Luck or are you a "doubting Thomas"?

I haven't formed a full opinion on this matter as yet as I just ran across this story and felt compelled to "spread the news". One think for certain, we are fortunate that this "re-incarnated Jesus" speaks English instead of "Aramaic" as if this re-incarnated Jesus returned and spoke Aramaic most people would be saying, "What is this man saying?, What is he talking about?, or Sounds Greek to me." English is a widely followed language so this Jesus made a wise choice.

I wonder why this "Jesus" chose Australia as his returning destination? Maybe he likes kangaroos, koala bears, and "shrimp on the "barbay". Maybe this Jesus likes beer instead of wine and for a miracle will turn water into Fosters beer. Maybe the deserts of Australia remind this Jesus of his former life in the Middle East. God knows what the reason is.

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