Friday, May 20, 2011

"With "Friends" Like Obama"

Interesting to see that President Obama wants Israel to cede back land to the Palestinians to the pre-1967 level. What would Israel get in return for this? Probably nothing from the Hamas organization and others but a continuation of their belief that ALL the land in Israel should be given to them as they don't recognize Israel's right to exist. When some land was recently given to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip the Palestinians promptly used this new land to mount attacks on Israel and destroy the buildings left behind by Israel. If I were a leader in Israel I wouldn't trade land for hollow words of your sworn enemy who wishes to destroy you. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would be indefensible if the countries borders were reinstated back to pre-1967 levels. With "Friends" like Obama" who needs enemies.

What I will be interested to see in American politics is how Jewish voters and elected officials respond to President Obama in the next election. In 2008  it is estimated that support for candidate Obama was approximately 80% among Jewish American voters. In 2012 if there is a Presidential election will the Jewish American voter still support Obama after his actions which appear to "throw Israel under the bus"? Will the Jewish voters be influenced to perhaps consider the republican candidates for president who have all condemned Obama's position on Israel or stick with "their liberal guy" even if this causes the demise of Israel?

Time will tell. If I were a Jewish political leader I wouldn't trust President Barak Hussein Obama with my future and existence as he continues to pander to the Palestinians, "stab Israel in the back", and disregard current Israeli borders and treaties.  What do you think?

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