Friday, May 20, 2011

Prophet of Doom

Judgment Day 'Rapture Parties' planned as evangelist Harold Camping predicts huge earthquake Mail Online Evangelist Harold Camping predicts that tomorrow 5/21/2011 is the day of "Rapture" where the "Hand of GOD" will come down and save God's chosen people while the rest of the world's populace get to experience earthquakes and fire. Now, I don't know if I'm "One of the "chosen" as I don't know for sure what criteria GOD is using to determine the "saved" from the "damned". I guess we will find out tomorrow what happens as they say around 6:00 pm the "fun" will begin to start. I have read some of the "Left Behind" series of books which deal with the "rapture", those "left behind" and the "rise of the "anti-Christ" among other fun and interesting topics. Would you like to be one of the people "saved" and spirited off to heaven or would you like to "stick it out" and see how the world ends and/ or experience the period of "tribulation" prior to the return of Jesus where the "Armageddon" battle in the Middle East will pit the forces of "the Christ and the anti-Christ" are supposed to engage in a cataclysmic final battle. In one of the "Left Behind" books they describe that during the "rapture" the chosen people just vanish and all that is left are their clothes, rings, watches, wallets, etc. They describe people vanishing from airplane seats and even pilots vanishing mid-flight.

Time will tell. If this "rapture" occurs and this is in fact the last day on earth for some of us at least I can say that I just finished a good "Last Supper" as I just finished a meal of sirloin steak tips cooked in olive oil and hot sauce, with fried potatoes and squash, two Keystone Light beers, and a "Klondike" ice cream bar.

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