Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pakistan, Should we keep giving financial aid?

What do you think of Pakistan probably letting China see the tail section of the stealth helicopter and the custom coated fabric from the helicopter that the local children are playing with? Should we still keep giving financial aid to Pakistan?

Do you think that no one in the Pakistani government or military knew that Osama Bin Laden was within a stone's throw away? Is Pakistan playing "both sides of the fence" by taking billions in aid from America and at the same time "tipping off" America's terrorist enemies?

I say no more aid to Pakistan unless and until they show that they are willing to aid in the war on terrorism and give back the helicopter parts from the downed stealth Blackhawk helicopter. What do you think?

Pakistan is saying that any future missions into their country from the USA without their knowledge will be met with military force. Is this the attitude of an ally and fellow partner in the war against terrorism?

Should we keep giving financial aid to Pakistan when we have to sell treasury bonds to finance the federal deficit which are in a large part purchased by China?