Monday, December 19, 2011

"Another Trip Around the Sun"

I'm getting ready for another trip around the Sun; and, to record my progress I thought I should buy a calendar for the year 2012. Now, some people such as the ancient Mayan culture and calendar say that the world or at least the current epoch of cosmic consciousness will end on December 21,2012 at 11:00 am. or so although they don't say whether the 11:00 hour is Eastern Standard Time, Pacific Time, Mountain Time,  Greenwich Mean Time or any other specific time zone or what happens when part of the world is already the next day with the International Date line.  We shall see what happens and I thought that I should splurge and go for the complete year 2012 calendar and not the abbreviated December  2012 calendar in case the world doesn't end.

I picked up this calendar today at "Ocean State Job Lot" for only $2.00 plus tax whereas my previous calendar which was the same size as this one for 2011 cost me approximately $7.50 plus tax at "Staples". So, already I'm on my way to hopefully a more efficient year as not only did I save money on the cost of the 2012 calendar but I saved approximately 25 miles of wear and tear on my car, approximately $3.13 in gasoline cost and approximately 57 minutes of time.... and as the old saying goes, "Time is Money." Another great feature of my new 2012 calendar is the fact that this calendar has 366 days compared with the old 2011 calendar which only had 365 days so the 2012 calendar is of greater time value. Plus, even though this 2012 calendar cost me less than the 2011 calendar it still has the same notes on it as far as significant holidays and important days such as "Boxing Day" and the beginning of "Kwanzaa" both which happen to fall on December 26th. Now, I know many people are fans of boxing, and the world lost a true champion boxing warrior with the passing of "Smokin' Joe Frasier" in 2011; but I didn't know that boxing had a special day and this "Boxing Day" seems to be only celebrated in England and Canada for some reason so I'm not quite sure why "Boxing Day" is noted on calendars sold in America.

Without my new calendar I wouldn't have known that "Administrative Professionals Day" in the US is celebrated on April 25th, and "Civic Holiday" is celebrated on August 6th in Canada. I guess those Canadians really love their Honda Civic cars if they have a Holiday each year and maybe August 6th is when the new Honda Civics hit the Canadian Auto dealer's showrooms. I don't know.

Yes, another year around the Sun. They say something  like the old expression if I have remembered it correctly, which I am not sure: "Time flies like an arrow..., and fruit flies like bananas" Let's hope in 2012 the world keeps existing and doesn't go bananas.