Friday, December 2, 2011

"Bird Siren"

"Come hither" this bird siren seems to say at least in the bird brains of a few birds who are tempted by the sheer perceived beauty of this painted wood bird which eternally rests inside my picture window. Yes, some birds can't resist this bird temptress like the Sirens of Greek Mythology, half bird, half beautifull woman, who used to lure ancient sailors to their death as they either die of hunger or their boats crashed upon the impassable reefs from the beauty and sweet Siren song.  In this case however, birds are lured into crashing into the clear glass in front of this bird as they usually snap their neck upon impact. See the post below however, of the first bird I have seen to "cheat Death" at least for a while longer.

Now, not having eyes on the side of my head like a bird; I'm not sure if these crashing birds can't see the window glass until it is too late or maybe see this painted wooden bird from afar and figure that there is no glass there as this bird is just sitting there. I don't know if the birds just want to investigate and see what the wooden bird is doing or if they figure there must be some good bugs or seeds to eat near this bird. I think in the case of the downed bird below which appears to be some kind of hawk, this hawk was probably trying to attack this poor defenseless wooden bird and rip its throat for a fresh tasty meal. Perhaps this hawk wanted to befriend this bird as both the wood bird and the hawk have brown and white features and as the saying goes; "birds of a feather flock together". Or, maybe this hawk couldn't hear this wooden bird's sweet song and wanted to get closer to hear the seductive tune and just couldn't stop in time. I don't know. Beats me.

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