Saturday, October 22, 2011

"What A Turkey!"

Today I inspected a house in West Yarmouth as one of my scheduled insurance surveys. The new owners were just moving into their new home and were unloading their U-Haul truck. I noticed that on the left side of the U-Haul there was a wild turkey. I have seen wild turkeys on previous inspections and usually see a bunch of wild turkeys when I see any turkeys at all.

I met the owners and started talking with them about the wild turkey. The husband had a broom in his hand and said that the turkey bit the hand of his wife and then relieved itself on the concrete floor of their one car garage. What a turkey! This turkey probably felt like these new humans were intruding on its territory. Maybe the turkey thought that the human fingers looked like wiggling worms when it decided to bite the wife.

From what I was told, this turkey was separated from the rest of his turkey friends and was probably adopted by the people living in this small cul-de-sac. Maybe though this turkey was deliberately left behind by the rest of the turkey group due to its violent turkey behavior.

Later I noticed this turkey at the house next about three feet away from the neighbor who was outside mowing his front yard with an electric lawnmower. The turkey seemed to be supervising this mowing operation and had no fear of the lawnmower or the man mowing the lawn. What a turkey.