Friday, October 7, 2011

"Can You Say Hypocrite?"

Its a lovely day day in the "occupied Wall Street" neighborhood, will you neighbor? Interesting that Alec Baldwin, noted actor and former husband to "blond fox" Kim Bassinger is down with supporting the "Occupy Wall Street" movement seeing how he is featured in "Capital One" credit card commercials. I could be mistaken (but I don't think so) but isn't Capital One part of a bank? Hmmm, A credit card spokesman against capitalism,credit,debt, and all these other evil terms. Is this hypocritical? Can you say hypocrite?.... (as Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers neighborhood would say.... I thought you could.) Unless Alec Baldwin is doing these "Capital One" commercials for free or donating all of earnings from these commercials to the 99%er so that they can be paid to protest against "THE MAN" then yes, I can say "Mr. Alec Baldwin , You sir are a hypocrite that bites the hand that feeds you (Capital One.. evil capitalist banker) and are probably a double hypocrite for not giving all your hard earned money to the ticks and leeches of the gimme crowd so they can work hard protesting the greedy Wall Street  profit seeking capitalist pigs). You may even be a triple hypocrite because maybe you have taken your earnings from the Capital One commercials and invested in the dreaded stock market or some business or real estate that may actually try to make a PROFIT!! so that when your fame and looks fade you will have something to fall back on to buy food n' stuff. How heartless would that be when there are plenty of young people who deserve this money that you earned through your hard work; and although you give "lip service" to the "struggle"  against the "super rich"I doubt that you are going to spend many nights with the protesters or "fork over" any "Capitalistic Capital One Cash". No, I doubt that you will be "their neighbor" and "get down and dirty" in the slime and muck" of outdoor New York City park living as it might mess up your hair.

Oh! NO!!, I hear that Yoko Ono is also a supporter of the drive to send civilization back to the "stone age:. although maybe "stone age" best describes the current crop of manipulated ,orchestrated, union  backed communist martyred pack of mindless morons who are imagining that there is no country as we all sing around the campfire and all of our worldly needs are magically mysteriously fulfilled. I say they are dreamers who don't see the nightmare that the men behind the curtain (George Soros, Obama, and others, fellow hypocrites all) who have started this faux protest movement to distract from the the wrong headed failing administration that proclaims to want more job creation but through taxing, overspending, and over regulating will ensure that job growth will be anemic at best.

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