Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Finger Lickin' Good"

I saw an interesting article today on the "Drudge Report" about "Obama Fried Chicken" over in China. Maybe Obama is lining up something to do after he loses the 2012 election. Recently, Obama said that  people will have to "eat their peas" and with "Obama Fried Chicken", maybe he could have said as well "Eat my chicken and a side order of pie". Just think, if Obama is involved with this chicken enterprise he would finally gain some experience in the private sector. Of course, being a big union guy, Obama would probably have to insist on Culinary Union Workers employees and have to start paying a minimum of $20.00 per hour plus four weeks vacation benefits , and retirement pensions for the workers. I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying $5.00 per drumstick and $7.50 per thigh as we're talking about " Obama Fried Chicken" here not some deep south or hillbilly red neck tea party chicken with some plantation owner looking military titled logo chicken. Michelle Obama I'm sure could help with this chicken project and maybe insist that everyone waiting in line to place their order would have to stand on a treadmill and get their required exercise to satisfy her "Let's Move" campaign.  For dessert Obama Fried Chicken could sell $16.00 muffins which government workers would think is a fair price.

"I like my Obama Chicken finger lickin' GOOD!"