Monday, October 17, 2011


While driving to East Hartford to meet some University of Connecticut friends for a UCONN football game this past Saturday; I went past the "Occupy Hartford" tent city located just before the center of Hartford's business district and State Capital building. As you can tell from the picture, "pandemonium" best describes this crowded scene as there must have been well over a dozen brand new looking tents set up and why, I even saw a video camera from what must have been a news crew. I can honestly say that I have never probably seen this exact number of tents at this location in my life! This "occupy " movement really seems to be gathering strength here in Hartford but I didn't notice any signs of any kind, as perhaps all this mass horde of humanity was preoccupied with trying to figure out what they stand for or maybe a lot of the occupants were inside their tents meditating.

Although this tent city was quite impressive, I did read today reports that both the American Nazi Party AND the Communist Party USA both are supporting the "occupy" movement as well as of course our beloved leader President Obama. President Obama, although receiving solid financial  support from Wall Street and the major money center banks as well as supporting the TARP program to bail out his greedy banker friends, somehow supports this intense "occupy" movement of protesters in tents. I'm sure the addition of  Nazi and Commie supporters in addition to this already out of control Hartford scene will add even more people to this overwhelming turnout. I just hope this massive demonstration doesn't overflow into the surrounding streets so that the adults can go to work and pay the taxes which helped fund the TARP program as well as the fancy designer tents for their sons and daughters as they promote whatever it is that they are promoting.