Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Over Cape Cod

This evening I noticed this unusual object up in the sky; high over Cape Cod. I had just finished cooking a couple of cheeseburgers on my gas grill when this UFO to me at least appeared in the sky. I rushed to find my camera to take this picture. After "blowing up" this image on my computer I was then able to identify this flying sphere as a "Hanger 1 Vodka blimp". I had never personally heard of "Hanger 1" Vodka prior to this blimp  arriving on this "Summer's Eve" so I felt kind of stupid and kind of like a douche bag.

I remember one misty morning on the Cape over twenty years ago I was driving around in my car and a large Fuji blimp appeared in front of me hovering right ahead just above the treetops right as the fog started to clear. "Whoa!", I said; "That was INTENSE!!"  Also, kind of EXCELLENT!! Ya Know? It was the start that day of a great adventure.

I searched "Hanger 1" on the Internet and found out that this blimp tour is lasting about six months and going from coast to coast with bartender contests along the way at each stop to see who can make the best drink using "Hanger 1" vodka.

I always enjoy a good blimp siting and today was no exception. I used to see quite a few blimps at the New England Patriots football games. Also,Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite rock and roll bands. I have never seen the "Goodrich blimp"  though for some reason.