Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You a "TERRORIST"?????

Are you a "TERRORIST"???

Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Maybe you are a terrorist and don't know it. Maybe you are a deliberate terrorist and subscribe to the whacked out bizarre concept that maybe the Federal government should attempt to try to start to reduce the size of the budget deficit. Remember, only in government is the concept of reducing the rate of increase in federal spending called a budget cut even if the total amount of funding for a particular government expenditure rises higher than the previous year but not as much of an increase as previously budgeted. How "extreme" these "Tea Party" activists are to suggest reducing the rate of increase in a federal budget when the total federal debt is only over 14 trillion dollars and total federal spending only requires borrowing 40 cents over each dollar collected in revenue. Don't these "tea party" terrorists realize that 40 cents is hardly anything?  I mean, "What is 40 cents?"

House Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) is reported to have labeled the "Tea Party" members "terrorists" during a two hour closed door session this past Monday prior to the compromise debt extension agreement and was quoted to have said that the "tea party terrorists" have made it "impossible to spend any money".Representative Emmanuel Cleaver  (D-MO) is reported to have called the debt extension agreement a "Satan Sandwich". Well, me I've never had a "Satan Sandwich" so I don't know if they are tasty or not. I wonder if the "Satan Sandwich" would taste better if you had some devil's food cake for dessert.

It is ironic that "tea party" members are demonized and called terrorists when real Jihadist terrorists can't be called terrorists as this of course would be politically incorrect and border on "hate speech". 

It should be an interesting political season prior to the 2012 election. The Democrats have no record to run on so they will have to resort to name calling, attacking the republican nominee and painting this nominee as "extreme" for trying to bring the size of government and the cost of government under control.

Should the Republicans stoop to the low level of the Democrats and start flinging insults and names back at the Democrats? Should the Republicans start calling the Democrats "Big Bloated Socialist Pigs with DooDoo for brains and rapacious blood suckers who want to suck all the private enterprise out of this country so that every one must worship at the alter of the all powerful federal government state?

So, are you a terrorist? Do you agree with the extreme "tea party" OR  the spendaholic Democrats? If you don't like the "tea party" is it because you drink coffee?