Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Barking man cited for noise violation | Online Athens  Who let  the dogs out? Oops, my bad, He look ........ like........; as they used to say on the "Mad TV" show when an oriental lady was asked to describe her description of someone involved in some sort of illegal act while being interviewed by the local police. Apparently, in Athens, Georgia according to this report, a barking man was cited for noise violations for "barking like a dog" too loudly. The 35 year old man said that some people call him "the holy lamb of God". Well, when I was younger I learned that lambs and sheep made noises that sound like "Baaaaaaaaaa.......Baaaaaaaaa. I learned that dogs made "Bowwww Wowww Wowwww or Arrrf Arrrf Arrrfrrrfrrrf or Grrr,Arrfarrf arrfbowwwwowwowwow, ruffffrufrufruf noises. Maybe this man is confused and thought he was a sheep dog even though the University of Georgia mascot is the bulldog. I don't know.