Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Presidential Dog Meat"

I was listening today to the "Howie Carr" radio show on WRKO Boston. The topic of the hour was a discussion of the fact that President Obama as a youngster while living in Indonesia ate dog meat for food along with grasshopper and beef. The young Obama thought that dog meat was tastier than beef which he described as "tough". I heard with my own ears President Obama reading from one of his books about his doggone dog eating adventures. I never heard about this until today as I never bothered to read his (or was it Bill Ayers) book about our beneficent transcendental president. I wonder why the "main stream" media never brought this to my attention that President Obama is a dog lover, along with a side dish of grasshoppers and rice. Now, to each his own, I've seen on the "Food Channel" television show the host "Andrew" eat monkey brains, bats, and other things on his "Bizarre Food" show and I really don't care if President Obama enjoyed eating dogs. Maybe, the government can start feeding dogs to the people on food assistance as dog meat probably has less fat content than eating beef so it is probably healthier for you. Maybe, after President Obama loses the next election he has plans to open up a chain of "Barack's Dog Shack" restaurants where you can go and pick out a cute little live puppy from a pen inside the restaurant and then the dog chefs can butcher up this little puppy for you to enjoy along with some corn on the cob, potato, and cole slaw similar to a lobster bake. Yum, yum!(No thanks for me though).

At least President Obama never put a dog up on top of the roof of his car and drove around giving the poor dog plenty of fresh air which dogs seem to enjoy like that cruel Mitt Romney. No, Barack never did that as the thought of doing such a cruel thing might cause him to lose his appetite; and you don't want to lose your appetite especially if you are about to engorge yourself on some tasty dog meat!

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