Monday, April 16, 2012

"The Buffet Rule"

I don't understand why President Obama wants to introduce "The Buffet Rule". Is this another case of trying to reduce the number of fat people in the country? I've enjoyed many fine buffets particularly out in Las Vegas and they never had a long term effect on my health or waistline. Is this "buffet rule" tied in with Michelle Obama's  "let's move and give vegetables a chance" cause or as part of the socialized medicine takeover with the unconstitutional Obama health care rationing act?

Why does the federal government have to get involved with more rules about buffets? I would think the private restauranteurs could make up sensible rules with their buffets on their own. I think however, if the federal government has to get involved in buffet meals a few common sense rules should apply such as:  1. No cutting in line, wait your turn.
       2. Please use the provided serving spoons and utensils, not your hands when loading your plate with jello or macaroni and cheese.
       3. Don't waste food, and you can't go through the buffet again until you eat all of the edible food on your plate.
       4. If you don't finish the food on your plate you are required to pay the equivalent cost of the value of the uneaten food and this money will be sent to Bangladesh where people would appreciate some extra food.
        5. No stuffing food in your pockets or purses, except for jello which Bill Cosby says is always a food you can make room for.
        6. Buffet tables should be designed whenever possible so that you can get to the food selections from either side of the serving table to reduce the waiting time before you can shove this yummy food into your face.
         7. No yelling "Shut your pie hole" anywhere near the dessert table as this is discriminatory towards people who prefer cake.

So, There are a few of my ideas for the "buffet rule" if we have to have them. What rules do YOU think would be good for buffets? Do you agree with me that the government should have bigger issues to consider instead of messing around with buffets?