Monday, December 10, 2012

"Put A Lid On It"

 On December 7th I went to the newly renovated McDonald's in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod. They have this fancy new soda lid dispenser which I have never seen before in any other restaurant. You just pull open the devise for the proper soda cup top and out pops an individual soda lid. On the Grand Reopening I received coupons for a free extra value meal, a free oatmeal meal, a free McCafe drink and a McDonald's ice scraper for my car. "Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?"
I went back to McDonald's today to use my free extra value meal coupon and was amused by the ketchup dispenser. I guess there must have been air in the ketchup dispenser line as the ketchup came out in an explosive blast similar to when you get air in your water lines when you shut the water off to fix a plumbing problem for example and then turn on the water again. I mentioned this to the next person less than a minute later who was going to use the ketchup dispenser as I said,"Careful with the ketchup dispenser as it is pretty explosive". Maybe this fellow didn't know what I meant as he tried the ketchup dispenser and received a big blast of air fueled explosive ketchup just like I did and he said "Whoa". He in turn told the next person less than a minute later, "Watch out for the ketchup". This next person tried the ketchup and spilled his full drink all over his food as he too was startled even though he was forewarned. Another minute went by and an elderly lady came up to the ketchup dispenser and jumped saying "Good Heavens!" 
Maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere and this was part of some comedy hidden camera gag. Maybe this explosive ketchup is part of the new McDonald's menu and renovations. I don't know. I almost wanted to tell one of the workers about this ketchup dispenser but didn't want the worker to say to me "Hey Buddy, Put a lid on it. We're just having fun as part of our Grand Reopening. Don't be a party pooper!"