Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow,It Is A New Age

Tomorrow we shall see if I wasted $2.00 plus 6.25% sales tax on this calendar for 2013. If the world does indeed end tomorrow then of course I and everyone else will have no need for future 2013 plans. I guess I am willing to take a "leap of faith" and prepare myself for the possibility that 2013 arrives on schedule after the end of this month. Time will tell, I just hope that after tomorrow the days will soon start to get longer as the past few days have for the most part been dark, dreary, and off and on rainy but relatively warm at least on Cape Cod for this time of year.

The Mayans prophesies that the end of an over 5,000 year era will take place tomorrow; but probably a new era will begin so just as every dawn heralds a new day so tomorrow probably will as well. The Mayans liked to calculate and think about large units of time probably because they had to do something during the heat of the near equatorial sun as they rested under a shady palm tree after ripping out a few  human hearts that they would harvest to please their Gods. Although this blood sacrifice can be viewed as barbaric and heartless for the sacrifice victims it does show that the Mayan culture believed in natural forces greater than themselves such as the Sun, rain, and an expected maize crop and felt to continue the beneficial effects of these natural forces sacrifices in their opinion must be made.

Our planetary position within the Milky Way galaxy is also supposed to have some significance tomorrow (12/21/12) as well. I can't remember exactly what but that is what the Internet is for I suppose if you yourself are curious about this topic.

Every day of course in our current earthly plane and dimension some babies are born and some people die. Some people will die tomorrow and a few people will probably die precisely at 11:00 am  when the world is predicted to end. For these few souls, it will in fact be the end of their earthly time and maybe their last thought as they slip the bounds of human existence will be, "What do you know? The world (at least my world ) did in fact end just as predicted. How did those jungle dwelling Mayans of yore know that my time would be up when I wasn't even going to be born for another 4900 or so years in the future?

So, we shall see if tomorrow is the final countdown, the beginning of a new era in human conscious development or just another Friday before Christmas. All I do know for sure is that tomorrow today will be history as right now tomorrow remains a mystery.