Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Final Countdown

The final countdown, like the classic song from the band "Europe". We are now one week away from the United States nartional election. So, what do you think? I myself am already on record for a Romney victory 52% to 47%. If the election happens on the scheduled November 6th voting date I do think that Romney will hold his current lead in the polls and actually this election may turn out to be not as close as many people currently think. We could see a Romney/Ryan "landslide".

This current Libya fiasco where through either lying,incompetence, or deliberate inaction; four people are dead while no support was given them and we learn now that apparently the terrorist action against the embassy was even viewed in real time. Either Obama directed support for the embassy and this order was not followed or the order to help defend the embassy was never given.

Now, "Hurricane Sandy" has impacted a good portion of the East coast of America. Do you think the photo optics of President Obama trying to look presidential and directing the American citizenry to follow their state governor's advice and assuring everyone that government relief efforts will be in place to assist in the recovery is enough to sway the populace the re-elect Obama?

Has President Obama earned another "four more years" of support? We shall see. Do we re-elect a president who has never had a budget approved and the last budget didn't even receive one DEMOCRAT vote in Congress? Do we re-elect the current "establishment" Obama who until this past week has not put forth any plan for the future? Will Obama's "persona" carry the day next Tuesday? Do we re-elect a president that raised the defecit so much but we still had over 43 months of over 8% unemployment and fewer people are now currently employed that when his term first started? Do we re-elect a president that thinks we should raise taxes during a slow growth economy?

I don't think so. What do you think? The final countdown is upon us. Do we move FORWARD. over the cliff of fiscal ruin on our road to Greece? Or, do we change course with the Romney/Ryan ticket and move towards a path of reducing the total role of the federal government ?