Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Got to Move My Jaguar"

Some songs these days I just don't get. Maybe I'm getting too old to follow the lyrics of some of these new "young whippersnapper' bands such as "Maroon 5" I think it is for example. What's a "Maroon 5" anyway? Is that a shade of purple? Or maybe a shipwrecked quintet similar to the crew from the "S. S. Minnow"? I don't know.

"Maroon 5" has some new song called something like "Move My Jaguar"? I just don't understand this song. Why does the singer have to move his Jaguar? It it parked in a handicap spot or a no  parking tow zone or too close to a fire hydrant?  Maybe I'm not hearing the words right. Maybe the song says "I got to move my jacket". If so, why write a song about your jacket? Just move your jacket and be done with it.

There must be someone who can explain this song to me as right now "I can't get no... satisfaction" as to what this song is all about. Maybe Mick Jagger of the "Rolling Stones" could help me out. I don't know.