Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birds of a Feather

"Birds of a feather flock together" so the old saying goes. In the case of "Big Bird" and President Obama this is certainly true. One of this pair is definitely a "bird brain"; while the other of course is "Big Bird".

The debate watching nation saw that President Obama without his teleprompter or a prescreened fawning audience in front of him doesn't have "too much upstairs" as he stumbled around hemming and hawing or looking down at the podium as Mitt Romney "schooled" him on how an economy really works. President Obama so much loves the role of government that he is begging for a second term; "Please, pretty please vote for me so I can take over more and more private enterprises and bring them under control of me and my unelected government czars". Obama, I doubt ever took any basic economics courses during his high school or college days; or, maybe he did but he won't release his grades as maybe he received "F minus" marks.

Imagine the nerve of Mitt Romney to suggest that the "Corporation for Public Broadcasting" shouldn't receive further governmental assistance. How cruel to suggest that in this day and age of "You Tube" , the Internet, and a multitude of cable television choices that maybe the Public Broadcasting channels should compete like every other station for viewers and advertising dollars. Quality programming should be able to be self sustainable and people and/or advertisers will pay for access to quality programming and the viewers who watch these shows.

President Obama is sooo concerned that Mitt Romney wants to "kill Big Bird" but doesn't seem too concerned about the lack of security for our Libyan ambassador or the ex-Navy seals who were killed on 9/11/ this year. Ambassador Stevens begged for increased security even up to the day before he was assassinated; his pleas fell on deaf presidential ears. Obama was more concerned I'm sure about his upcoming fundraisers and the opportunity to "hobnob" with celebrities who could laugh at his scripted jokes and tell Obama what a "cool cat" he is.

No, President Romney (oops, I'm being a little premature) doesn't want to "kill Big Bird". He wants "Big Bird" to earn his bird seed the old fashioned way by working for it and NOT getting a federal government handout like Obama and the other "bird brains" prefer.