Friday, May 11, 2012

"A Bridge Too Far"

Yesterday I was on my way to an insurance inspection on Lieutenant Island in Wellfleet on Cape Cod when I saw that the rising tide had flooded the road before this wooden bridge to the island. It was interesting to see all the little fish  swimming in the water on the road and I saw a couple of hermit crabs scampering around as well. I have never been over to this island but I think this is the only road available to reach the houses and wildlife sanctuary. I didn't feel like driving through the salt water as I didn't want to rust out my car or chance getting caught on the island and having to wait for the tide to change. Yes, today, this was "a bridge too far " for me. Luckily, I hadn't been drinking and didn't have a young lady named Mary Joe with me in the car and didn't crash my car off the side of this bridge like that Kennedy fella over on Martha's Vineyard many years ago.

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