Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brownies Can't Sell Brownies

Parents: Rule’s half-baked - BostonHerald.com What do you think of the new regulations set to go into effect in Massachusetts by the Department of Public Health banning sale on school property of pizza, fudge, cookies,pies 2% milk, and other treats used to raise money for student activities such as band trips, drama clubs, hockey teams and other organizations? The Department of Public Health thinks banning "fatty foods" will help reduce the alarming amount of child obesity and give the kids a chance to lead a normal, healthy, life as these tasty treats would then not compete with the school lunch program. Seems to me this is another example of bureaucratic regulators going a little too far. Maybe some of these organizations and clubs will just have to get permission to set up a table across the street from the school to get around these regulations. Maybe these clubs will start selling raw carrots, apples, bananas, parsnips, and beets to raise money for their activities as I'm sure that there will be great demand for these healthy snacks.

The obesity problem to me seems to be caused primarily by not enough exercise as schools reduce the amount of recess and gym activity. A lot of people and kids these days seem to concentrate their activities around their computer,smart phone, or game console. Maybe instead of desks the schools should develop lecterns where kids could stand during class instead of sitting or devise a type of bicycle wheel apparatus to their desks so that all the students could spin a bike chain and generate electric power that could be stored in batteries that could help reduce the electric bills of the school. Maybe the schools should require all the children to shovel the snow in the school parking lots by hand instead of using the town snow plows. Just think of all the new regulatory ideas that could be developed. I say "Let the Brownie troop sell their brownies, let the Girl Scouts sell their cookies and let the students eat cake".

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