Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Arab Spring Leading to Late Summer Fall"

Sometimes events once started do not always lead to a better outcome than the previous "status quo." With regard  to the "Arab Spring" movement that swept across Northern Africa; is this situation better for America and the world in general? With Egyptian President Mubarak, Israel had a peace treaty, Egyptian women had some "rights"and the Coptic Christian minority was not persecuted. Now, the "Muslim Brotherhood" is in charge of Egypt and they want to exterminate the Egyptian Christians, disregard the peace treaty with Israel and institute "Sharia law" with very strict codes of behavior. This is "Change", but is this Progress?  The "Brotherhood" will still take our foreign aid I'm sure but will probably use this aid to purchase weapons to prepare for attacking Israel.

In Libya, Qaddafi renounced his nuclear program after the fall from power of Saddam Hussein. After the American aided "Arab Spring" swept through Libya as seen on today's news the American ambassador to Libya is killed along with other Americans. Is this a better situation than with Qaddafi?

Part of the recent Muslim Uprising is reminiscent of the movie "Spartacus" when all the slaves said "I am Spartacus". In this instance, the militants are saying "I am Osama". President Obama and the democrats have a campaign slogan "GM Lives and Osama Died". How is this not "spiking the football" and helping to incite increased tension throughout the Muslim Middle East?

I know one thing, I personally can't see how any "Jewish-Americans" can support the re-election of Obama and the democrats after their convention platform initially planned to remove Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel and references to "GOD" before re-inserting this statement to a loud chorus of "BOOOOOO's". President Obama had time to have an interview with some "gimpy rapper dude" and schedule an appearance on the David Letterman Show but is too busy to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.   President Obama from what I have heard is too busy to receive many of the daily security briefings that interfere with his campaign schedule and his fundraising efforts. Maybe he would have beefed up embassy security throughout the Middle East if he did his job once in a while.

Are we on the "Eve of Destruction"? Time will tell.