Friday, September 28, 2012

Political Prediction Predicated on Perceived Predisposed Perceptions

So, Who do you think will win the presidential race contest between Williard (Mitt) Romney and Barack Hussein Obama?

Everyone has a "filter" through which they perceive the world based on their life experiences which in turn are influenced  by their parents, educational, religious,ethnic, and gender background. Many people can experience the same event such as a political event and "see" a different result based on what is important to them and their " core" beliefs and how each of us "filters" all the information that bombards us each day as we classify this information based on our perceived predisposed perceptions. That being said, there is often a difference between "reality" and "hoped for reality".

My political prediction is as follows
 ROMNEY   52%      OBAMA 47%      JOHNSON 1%

What's your prediction?

My prediction is based on the lousy economy, ineffective foreign policy of Obama, unpopularity of "Obamacare", and a greater perceived enthusiasm by the republicans vs the democrats. Many recent polls have over weighted the democrat component of the poll sample as the "main stream media" has shrugged off the role of even partially trying to do their job of being objective reporters and instead have taken up the "pompoms" to cheer for Obama.

So, do you agree or disagree with me? Are MY perceived predisposed perceptions clouding the "reality" of an "Obama landslide"? It is perhaps possible. OR, is it the media bias that is boosting Obama and trashing Romney that more closely mirrors the true political reality? Time will tell.