Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chestnuts and Chet's Nuts

I found these chestnuts today under a chestnut tree as the old saying goes"the chestnut doesn't fall far from the tree". I'm going to try to roast them somehow; maybe over an open fire. I remember being in New York City in past years and purchasing roast chestnuts from the street vendors. I guess falling nuts is another sign that Fall is just around the corner. Those chestnut shells are interesting looking. I'd hate to get hit in the face from a thrown chestnut in its shell as those chestnut shell spikes would probably lease quite a bloody trail.

Chestnuts remind me of Christmas and Winter. Chestnuts also remind me of a Reader's Digest cartoon that my 90 plus year old real estate partner once showed me. In the cartoon they show a naked man jumping over a fire and yelling "Yowwwwowwowwow!" The words under the cartoon picture said "Chet's nuts roasting over an open fire".