Friday, March 23, 2012

"Crossing The Line"

Rick Santorum, "YOU SIR, HAVE CROSSED THE LINE". How can you honestly believe that there is not a speck of difference between President Barak Obama and the Republican nominee Mitt Romney? It was bad enough that you supported Arlen Specter for senator in Pennsylvania over Tea Party Conservative Republican Pat Toomey. It is bad enough that you think you have the necessary experience to be president when neither you nor President Obama have never run even a lemonade stand as far as I know.  It was tiring Rick Santorum to hear you whine in some of the earlier Republican presidential debates when you in effect were saying "Hey, How come I'm always at the end of the lineup and you didn't give me enough questions or time to talk? What about me? So what if I'm only polling 2% of the Republican vote at the time."  To your credit, you Mr. Rick, have had some noteworthy primary results. But, You didn't even have the organizational ability to get on the primary ballot in Virginia or field a complete slate of delegates for the Ohio primary. I expect that the primary process is a "grind" and reports say that you are sleep deprived, BUT, that is not an excuse to say that if YOU are not the nominee then America should just go along with another four years of an unleashed, unfettered, Obama power grabbing, defecit spending, overreaching, federal goverrnment.

Remember Rick, YOU endorse Mitt Romney in 2008 and said that he was the "Conservative choice" during that primary election priocess. Why do you think that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee and not you? One reason the "establishment" Republican leaders are primarily backing Mitt Romney is that Romney "buried the hatchet" when John McCain won the 2008 nomination and worked tirelessly to try to get McCain elected as well as working for the 2010 Republican Senate and Congressional candidates.

There comes a time when you, Rick Santorum, have to realize that you have to put your personal ambitions aside, check your ego at the door and get behind the republican nominee, Mitt Romney. The Republican party is NOT going to nominate an 18 point loser like you with your losing Senatorial race. You have "crossed the line" and now it is time to  "re-cross" the line and not "hold your breath or pout" like some immature child because "this is not your time".

Hey, maybe in eight years after President Romney is finished his second term, if you still feel you have what it takes, then you can make your case as to why you should be the Republican nominee in 2020.

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