Thursday, March 1, 2012

"In Dependence"

I have been faithfully feeding some wrens, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, among other types of birds for a few years now at my home on Cape Cod. I get up each morning and portion out a glassful of birdseed and put this amount in the bird feeder outside my front door window. Usually within ten seconds the birds start appearing and start "chowing down" on this free to them food. I enjoy watching the birds flutter about but wonder if these birds are becoming overly dependent on me to provide them with their delicious to them meal. I am told that it is good to feed the birds as they will then hang around in the warmer weather and eat some flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. I just hope these birdseed loving birds haven't forgotten how to catch bugs or say to themselves that it isn't worth the bother to catch insects with all the birdseed I provide for them each day. I do often see birds hanging around the bird feeder in the morning that appear to be waiting for me if I am running slightly behind in my feeding schedule. I don't know if these birds have an inner sense of time or maybe they have these really tiny watches on their leg so they know when it is time for their daily meal.

I received an e-mail today which described how the Department of Agriculture is bragging about the number of people in America currently on the "food stamp" program, currently at a record food stamp high. Meanwhile, the Park Service, which is also a part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals' because the animals might become dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Yes, our country, founded on independence from England has a citizenry that is becoming more "in dependence" of an over-reaching bird brained government to provide more and more "free stuff" each year.