Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Dreams

Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama - YouTube  Here is a video of a dream an Indian chief had about President Obama. The chief requests help in interpreting his dream. Won't you help him? Please?

There are many types of dreams and many people say that many aspects of dreams are symbolic in nature that deal with current, past, or future events. We all spend almost one third of our lifespan in bed resting and dreaming. Many internal body maintenance issues are said to be resolved by the body while in repose and altered brainwave states of consciousness can manifest themselves during our non-awake hours.

Some people say  that "life is but a dream" and others have said that we are more aware in the dream state than during our waking hours. The Yaqui sorcerer "Don Juan Matos" as described in the books by Carlos Castenada said that one of the goals of the "warrior" is to become "awake" during the dream state and fully conscious in this dream world.

So, follow your dreams, (if you want/or not) and try to interpret them if you can (or not). Your dreams are yours to do what you want to do with them as they may or may not hold significance to what you think about and how you live your life.

For some people having President Obama winning the election of 2008 was a dream come true while for others that election was the start of a four year nightmare. Do you dream about Obama like this Indian chief?