Friday, November 2, 2012

"Let Me Eat Cake"

I received this cake today at The Soundings Resort in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. I went in this afternoon and had some "training" on how to eat cake, chicken wings, and cheese bread with Marinara sauce. I think I learned pretty quickly as I was able to eat these yummy treats the first time I tried. I was flattered that President Obama would take time from his busy last minute campaigning to send me this cake. This is a "marble cake" (half dark and half white) and tasty through and through. Coincidentally, when I arrived at the Soundings one of the guest was checking in who also has a birthday today.

I appreciate that President Obama is trying to buy my vote through this cake; I guess he knows that I already have a cell phone so he can't offer me an "Obama phone". I guess that President Obama also knew that in history Marie Antoinette was also born on November 2nd and she is credited with saying "Let them eat cake". I have heard that she really didn't say this but as President Obama can attest: "If you repeat a lie long enough, sometimes it becomes known as the truth".

I first thought that the President Obama picture on the cake was a paper cutout; but in reality this is frosting. How they transfer an image to frosting is beyond me. I hope the president isn't too upset that I had to "behead" him with a cake knife while cutting up this cake.

So, thanks everyone for the cake, that was sweet.