Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Congrats You Own It"

Congrats you own it Mr. President. Although I don't think you were the best candidate you did get the most electoral votes as well as winning the most total votes. Even though your vote total was less than the vote total that John McCain received in 2008; for whatever reason Mitt Romney received three million votes less than Mr. McCain's total and would have won if all the McCain voters had bothered to show up and vote. Maybe there was a good basketball game on election day, maybe these voters forgot about the election day or were told that due to hurricane Sandy that they could vote on Wednesday nationwide. Maybe some voters felt that Mitt Romney wasn't sufficiently conservative enough for them, who knows?

Now, we can all at least get over I hope the thought that everything perceived as wrong with the economy is "George Bush's fault". Apparently, many people voted for Obama as they did believe that sufficient progress or at least sufficient attempts or concerns about the stagnant economy by Obama were enough to warrant a second term by the Obama regime. Or, many voters are content with their food stamps and housing assistance and didn't want to risk losing their "free government goodies and their Obama phones". Romney's pledge to cut taxes doesn't hold much appeal to people who don't pay taxes in the first place. Maybe people are content with an 8% unemployment rate, rising gas and food prices, and want to give President Obama four more years to improve his golf game. Besides, I hear that there are plenty more places on this planet that Michelle Obama hasn't visited or taken a vacation  so we need to make sure that she and her entourage have a chance to have some enriching life experiences so she can continue to feel proud about her country.

I am curious to see what the FORWARD. agenda will be over the next four years. I am curious to see how increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires will lead to reducing the federal budget deficit and lead to a growing economy. Usually if you tax something you get less of it. Increased taxes should lead to less disposable income which should lead to less consumer spending which should lead to less expenditures on goods and services which should lead to less need for employment and business expenditures. To me, a former economics major, raising taxes doesn't seem to make sense. But what do I really know about economic matters compared with a president who has far more experience as a community organizer than I will ever have.

President Obama has been given a "do over" by the American electorate. Will we in four years be singing the praises of President Obama's masterful economic remedies and leadership or will we be saying, " We must move away from the failed policies of the Obama years"? Time will tell. One thing for certain in my opinion, you now "own" the hand on the tiller of this ship of state, Mr. President as you now have no excuse to look to the past. For better or worse from now on  history will judge your actions as your actions ONLY.