Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chic Fil A "What Do YOU Say?"

I read with dismay about "Chic Fil A" having problems with Boston Mayor Menino and Chicago Mayor Emanuel among others threatening this company because its president is not a fan of gay marriage and believes in the quaint concept  that marriage should be a union of Man and Woman as described in the Bible. I was under the apparent misconception that in America it is "OK" to believe in your own personal religious thoughts and as long as you don't discriminate against other people while believing your thoughts that the "Government" and its elected officials should leave you alone. Mayor Menino, a "Roman Catholic" I guess would rather go against his own church dogma which does not condone "gay marriage" and try to make it difficult or restrict "Chic Fil A" from expanding with a Boston location near city hall plaza. Now, everyone, including Mayor Menino, has a right to express their opinion, BUT, do you agree that a government official should hinder a free enterprise like "Chic Fil A" just because you don't agree with the personal moral opinions of "Chic Fil A's president?  When did the Mayor Menino acquire the title of "Chief of Thought Police " for the city of Boston?  What if a New York Yankee baseball fan decided to attend a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park? Are Yankee fans allowed to cheer for their team even if Mayor Menino doesn't root for the Yankees? Maybe Mayor Menino was paid by a concerned group of chicken rights activists or a bunch of chickens who condemn the eating of their fellow chickens so the marriage issue is just a "straw" to hide the real reason he opposes "Chic Fil A".

What do you say? I say if you don't like chicken or you so strongly disagree with "Chic Fil A" president's views on gay marriage and his biblical interpretation of marriage; then just walk on by the "Chic Fil A" store and go somewhere else to eat or go to your own kitchen and make a "fluffernutter" sandwich and eat this sandwich with a cool frosty glass of milk and an apple. Or, eat something else, I don't really care where or what somebody eats and neither should Mayor Menino or any other governmental official.The irony of this event is that "Chic Fil A" is getting tons of free exposure which will probably boost the sales of this four billion dollar company.