Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Cell Phone Service

Hey everybody, I just heard about a free cell phone service sponsored by the phone companies with it looks like free minutes and a free cell phone! Sounds pretty cool to me! I know all the governments and phone companies have surplus money these days so this is for sure a valuable service to provide for the needy and indigent as you want to keep up with your friends and family and this is the perfect way to do so. Many interesting conversations such as "Hey homes what's up?" and your friend replies, "Nuthin', just chillin' in my crib, hey man come on over we can get a pizza or somethin' and watch American Idol". These memorable conversations are truely priceless so why should you have to pay for them? After all it is probably written in the US Constitution that in the Bill of Rights "Free Speech" is guaranteed, so why would you think you should have to pay for cell phone service as after all if you are talking on the phone that is speaking, right?

To see if you qualify just go to and let someone else pay the cost for your "free speech". It is only fair that someone else should pay.