Monday, January 18, 2010

"Fired Up and Ready to Vote"

Massachusetts, the home of of the "shot heard round the world" back in 1773 when the British soldiers fired on the American patriots in Lexington and Concord at the start of the American Revolution is getting ready to to fire another shot tomorrow with the special election between Scott Brown, Republican, and Martha Coakley, Democrat for the United States Senate.

If the dead people in the cemeteries don't vote too much tomorrow and voter fraud is not too great; it does look like Scott Brown will win tomorrow. Martha Coakely has run a gaffe filled inept campaign according to many political pundits and she had to bring in some "big guns" like President Obama and former President Bill Clinton to try to help her with this campaign.

The Brown win tomorrow should send a message to congress and the president that the American populace wants a change in direction from the overreaching power grab currently under way where "Big Government" is trying to take over more and more of the economy and our lives. The Brown supporters are "fired up" and ready to make history. I haven't seen this amount of enthusiasm for an election or a candidate in quite a while. Unless my personal biases or perception are clouding the political reality; which is possible, tomorrow is going to show a Scott Brown victory by a greater margin than many people currently think.