Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I Voted Today"

I voted today in the Massachusetts Special Senatorial Election for our next Senator from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts....REPUBLICAN Scott Brown. I got a laugh at the Martha Coakley negative radio and TV ads where they said REPUBLICAN about a million times in a disdainful tone as if the word REPUBLICAN was a bad word or a swear word or something. I guess if you are someone like Martha Coakley with her selective prosecution record of going after senior ladies and their garden clubs while overlooking corrupt Democratic State Senators who are caught stuffing shake down money into their bra; you have to go "negative" and try to tear down your opponent. Too bad Martha (aka Marsha by Patrick Kennedy) this strategy didn't work for you.

It will be interesting to see what the Democratic leadership in the Congress and the White House do to try to pass this "turkey" of a health care bill that the public doesn't want. The effete liberal elite think they know better than the public and will try to jam this bad bill down our throats. I say take this "turkey" and "stuff it."

Today marks the start of "Change we can believe in. " The election of Scott Brown to the Senate is just the beginning; "He is the change we have been waiting for."

Little do they know it but the Democratic politicians should "run like hell" away from this health care legislation as it is currently proposed. Passing this bill especially if they delay seating Scott Brown in a timely manner will just ensure their political demise. The public will not stand for the current back room deals and "selling votes" that is going on.

If the Republicans can win in supposed Democratic strongholds like Massachusetts and New Jersey don't you think that maybe the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership can feel the winds of change which are starting to sweep the nation? Or, are the too drunk in their certainty that "they know best" as they look down with disdain on us common folk who drive around in our pickup trucks and proceed to pass bad bills just for the sake of passing something?

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