Thursday, January 14, 2010


Many things in life happen in cycles. Day turns to night which turns to day then night etc... The seasons go from Spring, Summer, Fall, to Winter, then Spring again. A person's life transitions from birth, school, work, death, then if you believe in re-incarnation, back again to birth. The climate of the earth has cycles of warm and cold. Currently it looks like we are in a cooling period for the climate on Earth notwithstanding the efforts of the "global warming fraudsters" who "cooked" their data for political reasons when the data didn't match their pre-conceived ideas of global warming they just made up or distorted their findings.

The tides move from low to high twice a day and are influenced by the gravitational pull from the Moon.

In politics as well, similar to the swing of the pendulum on a clock we seem to have cycles of political thought swinging from left to right back to left then right. We seem to be now moving from the extreme socialistic-Maoists statism left of President Obama's "Hope and Change" big governmental solutions to a re-action against these ideas. Is the political tide turning?

We will get a further idea of the political tide of the nation this coming Tuesday January 19th as voters in Massachusetts elect a new Senator to replace the seat formerly held by Senator Kennedy. The Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown is in an apparent close race with Democratic candidate Martha Coakely. The Republicans are vastly outnumbered by the Democrats in voter registration but the key to this race is the Independent (unenrolled) voter who recent polls suggest is favoring Scott Brown by approximately 71 to 29%. A win or close showing by Scott Brown will show the nation that the populace is more and more beginning to disapprove of the overreaching power grab of the congressional and presidential elites in Washington who want to further extend governmental control over the health and economic activity of this nation.

Recent elections in New Jersey and Virginia of Republican governors suggest that the pendulum is swinging away from the efforts by the Democrats to expand the role of government in people's lives. I hope this change continues. We don't need the government to tell us when we can go visit a doctor and what tests and medical procedures we can or cannot have as they try to take over the Health industry in this country.

The "tide is turning?"; time will tell. I hope we can find out "What Brown can do for us."

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