Saturday, January 30, 2010


I saw that Osama Bin Laden yesterday allegedly made a pronouncement blaming the West and the United States for "Global Warming" and called for a boycott of American goods and the US dollar. Osama Bin Laden wants to bring the US economy to a halt probably to try to bring back the "glory days" of the middle ages when the Muslim Ottoman Empire ruled Europe.

It is ironic that the Middle East whose primary products are oil and desert sand; Osama Bin Ladin would want to limit the role of oil in the world economy as I'm sure that oil money is the primary source of the money he needs to fund his "jihad" against the "Infidels". I'm sure it takes some money to feed his camels and maintain his caves. Where will his money come from if not from oil?

I'm sure that a lot of Middle Eastern countries import food that is grown in America and the West. Maybe we should refuse to export any food to the Middle East except for pork products and alcohol. Then, Osama Bin Laden followers could have a choice of being "drunken pig eaters" or they could eat sand and oil. I'm not sure how tasty oil and sand are but sacrifices on Osama Bin Laden's part will be required if they succeed in bringing the western economies to their knees.

Drink your Oil Osama as you eat your sand (wich). Remember though that if you have to consume oil it is probably best to heat up the oil first so that you could drink it or eat it as a soup. Of course, heating the oil up would take energy, even if the energy is generated from burning bushes or shrubs, and this would hurt the environment.