Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just read on the Drudge Report, that scientists are experimenting with pigs and are trying to replace some of the pig DNA with human DNA so that within five years time they expect to be able to transplant pig lungs into humans. That would be something. I wonder what scientists will think of next. If I remember correctly there is a book called "The Island of Dr. Moreau" where this "mad scientist" experimented with humans and developed creatures that were part human and part animal.

If these "pig lung" transplants become successful then I'm sure that there will be other types of similar developments. What animal organs or traits would you like these scientists to experiment with next? It might be fun to run like a cheetah that can run up to about seventy miles an hour or so. Just think if you had some cheetah leg transplants you could keep up with cars on the freeway. It would be nice to see as well as an eagle with some eagle eye transplants.

I wonder if people of the Islamic faith would consent to have pig lung transplants as their religion forbids eating pigs but maybe there is no prohibition on becoming part human and part pig.

Food for thought I guess and "pigs for lungs". I guess people with "pig lung transplants" if they say something gross to someone and that person replies;"You are a pig" that person could reply, "How did you know?" or "Well, I'm only part pig".

I wonder if people with "pig lungs" would start to "oink, oink" when they laugh and start to become more attracted to "mud wrestling"?